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(@Bhikkhu Horowpothane Sathindriya, Mount Hermitage,Horana./ Budusarana)

The death is inevitable fact, to face

That everyone who is born in this world.

No remedy or cure for the death

One day, at any moment, inescapable death will come

And embrace us. Without fear we should meet.


Those who are afraid of death, have full of expectations

And dreams. From birth to death, they struggle and

Battle to quench their insatiable desires.

We always expect and to be ready to welcome the death,

Than anything else.


For the wise, death is expected but not "unexpected"

As soon as we were born, we were inherited-we inherited death.

"Death is certain but the life is uncertain"

Length of time for us and life span is not so long,

As we predict and prophesy.

It is between in and out breath only.

So, the death will come amidst the breath of in and out.

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