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Tsunami Relief Aid at $6.28 Billion - U.N.


(Fri Feb 25, 2005) Humanitarian assistance to tsunami-affected countries in the Indian Ocean totals $6.28 billion, with Germany the largest contributor at $683 million, followed by the Asian Development Bank the United Nations said on Friday. But if the United States follows through on a pledge to increase its contribution, it will become the biggest donor. (Source: Reuters)

As of 7 Jan 2005

Fact file Who's helping
The United Nations mobilized what it called the biggest relief operation in its history following the disaster of Dec. 26.
The following is a list of contributions pledged.
Country/Agency Contributions pledged


$764 million over five years. Also sent five air force transport planes with supplies and medical specialists to Sumatra, and two 15-member emergency medical teams and 12 police to Phuket.


1 million euros ($1.4 million) in aid to the countries hit.


Military plane due to stop at Dubai to load most of its cargo -- UNICEF aid such as tents, vaccines.


Pledged $96 million.


$67 million


520 million yuan ($63 million), a sharp increase from its initial offer of 20 million yuan.

Czech Republic

Sent drinking water and medicine to Sri Lanka and Thailand; pledged 10 million crowns ($446,000).


$76 million


Egyptian Red Crescent Society sending a plane with 500,000 Egyptian pounds ($81,000) worth of medicine and other aid as initial step.

European Union

$132 million.


$6.2 million


$67 million


$680 million over three to five years.


$1.34 million


$13 million


Sent one medical team to Sri Lanka, one to Thailand.


$95 million.


$500 million, sent three navy vessels to Thailand to help rescue survivors.


Pledged aid supplies worth $2 million, sent $100,000 immediate aid.


$32 million.


$183 million.

North Korea



Earmarked 1 million zlotys ($336,000) for Polish NGOs involved in relief.


$25 million.

Saudi Arabia

$30 million aid package.


$1.2 million to global effort, military medical teams and supplies ready to fly to Indonesia.


Sent plane with drinking water, tents and medicine to Sri Lanka; aid worth 6.6 million Slovak crowns ($231,660).


Donating 20 million tolars ($113,500) of aid through International Red Cross and Crescent.

South Korea

$50 million.


$68 million. It also sent aircraft to Sri Lanka with first aid, sanitary equipment and 19 volunteers.


$75.5 million


$23 million.


$50.52 million

United Arab Emirates

$20 million

United States

$350 million. Pentagon ordered 12 vessels to region to aid with immediate relief efforts

International Committee of the Red Cross

Cargo plane flying from Kenya to Sri Lanka carrying 105 tons of supplies, provide aid to 150,000 people in north and east. Trying to raise more than 50 million Swiss francs ($44 million).

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

Has dispensed initial one million Swiss franc grant for relief efforts and launched appeal for 7.5 million francs.


Intends to provide assistance, no specific pledges.


Initially distributing $380,000 of non-food relief items, including plastic sheeting, clothing, kitchen sets.


Delivered 50 water tanks to southern India, 45-tonne shipment of water purification tablets and water systems due to reach Sri Lanka on Thursday. WHO and UNICEF said they were providing four emergency kits to Indonesia to cover 40,000 people for three months, providing shelter, food and clothing.

U.N. World Food Program

Sends 168 tons of commodities to Sri Lanka, plus more than 4,000 tons of rice, wheat flour, lentils and sugar, enough to provide 500,000 people with emergency rations for two weeks.

U.N. Development Program

Provided $100,000 each to Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, the Maldives and Thailand to help assess damage and coordinate emergency needs.

U.N. Population Fund

Earmarked up to $1 million and extra staff to help health needs of pregnant and nursing women.

Sources: AP and Reuters


LONDON, Jan 9 (Reuters) - Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel said on Sunday Austria

would give up to 50 million euros ($66.16 million) in aid to the countries hit by the Asian tsunami.

Oil-rich Kuwait earlier increased to $100 million its pledge.

Following is a list of monetary contributions pledged by governments, the Asian Development

Bank and the World Bank to help Indian Ocean nations hit by the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami,

compiled from Reuters reports and U.N. agencies.

Countries are listed according to the size of their official pledges, some of which are spread over several years.

A third column shows private donations, where available:

Government and Private donations as of 6 Jan 2005:


Million dollars




Australia  815.50 106.00
Asian Development Bank  675.00**  
Germany  660.00 333.00
EU  529.30  
Japan  500.00  
USA  350.00  324.00
World Bank  250.00  
Norway  181.90  61.00
Kuwait  100.00  
Britain  96.00  187.00
Italy  95.00  
China  83.00  
Sweden  80.00  
Canada  80.00  76.00
Denmark  76.83  23.13
Spain  68.02  
Austria  66.16  25.80
Finland  66.16  22.42
France  64.57  49.00
Taiwan  50.25  
South Korea  50.00  
Netherlands  34.00  148.20
Saudi Arabia  30.00 101.13
Qatar  25.00  
Switzerland  23.81  97.10
Singapore  23.10  
UAE  20.00  
Belgium  16.32  
Ireland  13.62 21.20
Portugal  10.59  4.63
Luxembourg  6.80  
New Zealand  3.60  
Algeria  2.00  
Bahrain  2.00  
Libya  2.00  
Venezuela  2.00  
Greece  1.34  22.50
Turkey  1.25  
Hungary  1.20  
Poland  1.00  1.30
Croatia  0.69  0.148
Czech Republic  0.66  5.50
Cyprus  0.37  
Niger  0.25  
Slovenia 0.24   0.70
Slovakia  0.23  
Senegal  0.20  
Mali  0.20  
Bulgaria  0.14  
African Union  0.10  
TOTAL  5160.40  1609.76

Source: Reuters

** ADB package of up to $675 million includes up to $500 million in grants and highly concessional funds and $175 million diverted from existed projects.

(For more news about emergency relief visit Reuters AlertNet www.alertnet.org email: alertnet@reuters.com; +44 207 542 2432)

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