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 Post subject: The Sun House Hotel in Galle
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 11:49 pm 

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Dreadfull Hotel !!!

I was sent a confirmation email which "confirmed" a suit. Upon my arrival, they gave me a standard room with the excuse that they didn't want to move me every week to another room. In they email they never mentioned anything about moving.They just waited for me to arrive and then mention it to me. Anyway...

3 days into my stay, someone broke into my room while I was away and stole a pair of valuable cufflinks. Security is absolutely appauling since they think they have nothing to do until somebody gets robbed. The personel does not speak English and not too helpful either. The police came and took fingerprints of the room. Surprise surprise they found NO fingerprints. The weird thing was that they didn't find MY fingerprints either. Obviously pointing out that the thief was someone who had access to room keys and could wipe away the room nice and clean.

I don't know what else to say really. I'm simply appauled. And the rates they charge are absolutely unfitting to a dump of a hotel like the sun house. The pool is more like a lagoon, no abiance, no spa and no 'working' internet facility. With the same money we stayed at Aman Galle which has superb facilities and hospitality which is ALOT more than we can say for The Sun House.

Absolutely dreadful.

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 12:22 pm 

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i am the owner of the sunhouse and would like to make some comments
in reply to mr marcus

mr marcus did indeed stay at our hotel, however it was made clear to him he would be in a standard room as we did not have a suite available for him for the full lenght of his stay, on checking in he made no complaint as to the quality of his room.

3 days into his stay he did make a complaint that some cufflinks of his had disappeared and the police were called to investigate, they made the comments that it was odd that nothing else had diaspappeared and were somewhat suspicious of mr marcus.

mr marcus claims to have stayed at the amangalle in galle, however the amangale have no record of his stay..again strange.

i welcome justified complaints but feel in this instance mr marcus has another agenda

 Post subject: Owner Says
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 3:52 pm 
We have recived the following e-mail from the owner of this hotel about this post:

administrator :D

Good morning

Further to my earlier e mail I have now had a chance to review this persons complaint in full and feel that it is completely unwarranted and is soley as a result of misinformation

The sequence of events is as follows

1. 9th oct rcvd a telephone call from complainant's wife asking for a
special rate for a stay of 21 nights

2.we replied by e mail on same day quoting a special room rate

3.on 11th oct we mentioned that we could up grade and offered a further
discount if the stay was to be longer than 15 nights.

4. later that day we sent a booking form but then made it clear that we
could only supply a standard room as suite was not avbl for his full period
of stay

5. complainant arrived on 12th oct and made no complaints about his accommodation

6. on 15th oct complainant checked out of hotel to go to kandy for a few

7.on 19th oct complainant returned and notified us of a "theft" of a pair of
cufflinks from his room

8.police were called into investigate,

9.at this stage complainant asked to have free accommodation for the rest of his stay.

10.police conducted an investigation and made following observations... they thought it odd that only 1 pair of cufflinks had been taken when there was other jewelery about, they told us they were suspicious of complainant as his story seemed to change by the hour.

11.we refused to give complainant free accommodation and subsequently
complainant checked out of hotel

12.we then rcvd comments that he had stayed previously at amangalle in galle fort, however on asking amangalle they have no record of his stay.

13.we feel the complainant has not given you the full picture and would ask you to remove his comments from your website or at least give us the chance to post our side of the story

Please feel free to contact me if you feel you need further information

Geoffrey dobbs
Owner the sunhouse

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