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 Post subject: Singharaja Eco Lodge
 Post Posted: Mon May 09, 2005 2:27 am 
Go wild at Sinharaja Eco Lodge

By Sanath Weerasuriya

'Sinharaja Forest', Lanka’s main World Heritage and the home for thousands of endemic animals, birds and plants, should be the biggest tourist attraction in the country.

Sri Lanka's last patch of thick rain forest, which has become the centre of controversy since lately, is indeed a centre of adventure.

Dense dark, wet and mysterious 'Sinharaja Forest' is the home for many Endemic and endangered fauna and flora, which hangs under the threat of gene robbers. Sinharaja is well known for its functions as watersheds and store houses of great biological wealth.

It is a rich treasure trove of nature with a great diversity of habitats and a vast repository of Sri Lanka's endemic species found nowhere else in the world. Sinharaja therefore, represents an irreplaceable gene pool, a home for all those rare and endangered forms of life, both fauna and flora.

Still Singharaja forest has become the top attraction of the tourists, who love eco life and forest.

There are very few lodges or hotels available for guests, who love to stay overnight enjoying the adventure of the jungle. The most closest and the latest is Singharaja Eco Lodge, which is located in the thick forest by the side of Kosgulana ganga popularly known as Singharaja ganga.

Nearly 150 metres of river frontage and covered with thick jungle gives Singharaja Eco Lodge an excellent site for adventure, leisure, relaxation and meditation. It is an ideal place for adventure’ excursions and safe with every thing other than leeches.

Some says Sinharaja is the birth place of leeches. The area is packed with all type of leeches. Alright, that’s nature and it is part of the game too.

Kosgulana ganga is now identified as one of the best venues in the island for water base adventure.

The proprietor of this piece of adventure is Jeevana Fernando, a young engineer, who has fallen for forest and wildlife.

Singharaja Eco Lodge is just ten months old and has already gained the attraction of adventure, nature and wildlife lovers.

"I was having this kind of idea, to put up a lodge, from my school days. When I saw this land, I knew this will become my dream come true. I saw the potential and I know the value of being in the buffer zone of a 'World Heritage'. And the most important thing is I love the jungle and never let it be destroyed" said Jeevana Fernando.

In building this unique lodge the concept was based on traditional architecture and technology of native villagers and the lodge was designed to harmonize with the surrounding nature.

The natural landscape of this land was never disturbed when constructing the lodge buildings. Existing rocks and boulders are allowed to remain inside structures as well as bed rooms .

It adds beauty and perfection to the eco lodge. "I do not want to change any thing in the jungle. The roof is designed with the traditional leaves found in the area. The furniture are from abandoned logs. Even the main dining table, I got done from a log which came floating after last years floods ' he said.

Most of the furniture are made with logs and branches of Beru leaves and batakola trees of various shapes. The whole Lodge is illuminated with hurricane lamps doing away with electricity.

"Any way we do not have electricity for this area and I think it will kill the true nature style' he added.

Sinharaja Eco Lodge has three rooms and camping facilities for about 25 people. All bed rooms are equipped with clean attached bathrooms with modern fittings.

Sinharaja Eco Lodge provides various facilities for adventure seekers. Kosgulana ganga can be very adventurous with clear water and white water. River activity such as kayaking, white water rafting, bamboo rafting, canoying etc.

For excursion of the area the lodge provides a jeep service. For benefit of bird watchers, researchers and nature photographers several expert native trackers work in conjunction with the management of the Lodges. Also it has a large play area on river frontage.

'We provide traditional food and refreshments. The cuisine is authentic to Sabaragamuwa and the cooks are from the area itself." Jeevana said The Lodge is priced as Rs. 3500/- per room only and the F/ B rate is Rs. 5200/- per double. A tent for camping is Rs.1500/-.

According to him, Sinharaja Eco Lodge will be marketed through Sri Lanka Hotels Corporation. The reservation office for the Sinharaja eco lodge is situated at Galle Road in Paiyagala.

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