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 Post subject: Buddhists have no soul
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2006 7:34 pm 
Buddhists have no soul

By L. Jayasooriya
@ WS - 28Jan2006

Everything that a Buddhist sees is a part of himself because without it a vital faculty of a Buddhist, namely vision, will be absent. On the same reasoning everything a Buddhist hears is a part of himself because without that a Buddhist will have no hearing. This, in Buddhist terminology can be extended to all the five sense bases and the material objects of the mind base. There is no space here to explain all that.

Since non-Buddhists can also see the same things that a Buddhist sees, hear the same things that a Buddhist hears etc. they too are a part of what a Buddhist is a part of.

So the concept of a Buddhist having a soul that has an independent existence of its own, not being a part of anybody or anything else or not connected even in any remote way to anybody else is totally untenable. This, the Buddhists know and hence for them the concept of a soul does not exist and they do not carry the burden of a soul with them like a mill stone around their necks and live in fear of whoever created the soul and has control over it. Buddhists do not recognize anybody above the level of human beings who has authority over them. That is why the poorest of the poor Singhala Buddhists in the rural areas always have a smiling face because they do not live in the background of fear of what would be done to them after death by the creator of his soul. That is also the reason why they never pray to a non-existing being to send their non-existing souls to a place called eternal heaven and not eternal hell. In Buddhist terminology everything in the infinity of space is impermanent (anicca) and anatta (without a soul).

Now, believers in all religions think that they have a soul but they are not sure where their soul is. If you were to ask them where their soul is some in their confusion will say that the soul is their body or soul belongs to the body or body is in the soul or the soul is in the body. People who believe in the soul think that the body belongs to them and when the body changes due to its inherent nature, sorrow, grief and lamentation overtake them but for the Buddhists who do not have a soul, when the body or other factors change due to their inherent nature they are not affected by it.

That is why the teachings of the Buddha are the very absolute and total antithesis of all religions.

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 Post Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 7:03 pm 

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This is your hand .But it is not you.
This is your leg. But it is not you .
This is your brain. But it is not you .
Where are you?
1.You sit in the pose of Buddha.
2. Relax your self.
3. Go in meditation.
4. Calm your brain.
5. Ask: " who calm this brain? "
According to advice of parapsychologist Israel Levinshtein,
I began to study religious practice-meditation.
And once, involuntary, I felt that vibration waves came on my brain.
These waves caused vibration of all neutrons of my brain.
They started vibrating in the same phase,
with the same frequency that the last waves.
All the neutrons came to homogeneous "vacuum" state.
And then I saw "myself", my spiritual essence.
I gazed and saw clean silver circle.
And I initially understood that this circle was my true "I".
And this true "I" is eternal, unwounded, passionless,
spiritual, conscious, evolutionary.
It was so exactly, so clear, so real that then,
recollecting and telling someone about it,
I told him that it was "more real than I am talking to you".
In ancient Indian composition "Bhagavat-Gita" was said:
"You carry in yourself the Greatest friend whom you do not know.
Because God lives inside every man, but not everybody can find him".

In Dzen-Buddhism it is said about the possibilities of a man
"to find Buddha in his nature".

An Arabic poet Omar al-Khayyam, admirer of Sufism, wrote:
"What is your flash, Khayyam?
Tent where for overnight's stop,
As a wandering shah,
the spirit made a stop".
Maybe you will understand that you are not only material body.

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