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 Post subject: Pematho Jayathi Soko (love begets sorrow)
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 4:06 am 
Love is lost in lust


LOVE: There are some individuals who say that "Love is not Lust" and others have to come out to say that love and lust are two different things and love is a sweet relationship between two individuals. Amor vincit omnia is another version we are familiar with.

All these misconceptions or misinterpretation are due to either misuse of words or being unaware of using the right word to give light to the envisaged point of expression.

In this instance what the Buddha preached is useful and relevant to the layman who is making an effort to understand the nature and meaning of love.

The Buddha says Pematho Jayathi Soko (love begets sorrow). Whatever form love takes whether maternal, paternal, fraternal or patriotism, it eventually ends in sorrow.

So, any sweet feelings of love towards each other is impregnated with reciprocity, and certainly that ends in sorrow after passing through various stages of hatred, jealousy, enmity and uncertainty.

On the contrary, what is not so is Meththa (loving kindness) and Karuna (compassion), two principal tenets in Buddhism.

Meththa is show of loving kindness to living beings as a whole, and karuna means compassion extended to everyone as individuals.

In both these instances, the receiver as well as the giver are spiritually and materially enriched and that never ends in sorrow or involves hatred whatsoever at the beginning or at the end. So, what we need today is not really love; we have plenty of it, but meththa and karuna.

So, leaving aside the question whether love is lustful or amorous, whether one is a believer or not, an atheist or a free-thinker, what we all should practise is meththa and karuna.

Then this world will be free of hatred and jealously and all the people will begin to live with true mutual brotherly feelings, wherever they live or whatever they believe in.

When the Bamyan Buddha Statues were destroyed, the Buddhists in general showed sympathy to those ignorant men who destroyed those spiritual and cultural master pieces.

Similarly, when cartoon pictures of the Prophet were published, we must show sympathy for such narrow-minded people because their intention is to arouse anger in the followers. If they succeed they have won.

Howevermuch one tries to insult the Buddha or the Prophet, nothing will happen to their images as long as the followers or the adherents are convinced what was preached or revealed is true and guides them for a better life.

The Buddha once said that there is not a single person who had not been insulted during his lifetime or after. That is the truth the Buddha found. It covers everyone and everything like all components are subjected to change

(Sabbe sankhara anicca).

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