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 Post subject: Keeping depression away
 Post Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2006 5:17 am 
Keeping depression away

By Shezna Shums
@ TML / 16Feb2006

Depression is a common condition that afflicts people of any age.

There are several treatments available for depression but many people today prefer to seek more natural ways to deal with this issue, rather than depend on drugs. However this is possible for people suffering specially from mild depression, and not clinical depression.

It is vital to be patient and understanding when treating depression.

It is quite common to hear people say they feel depressed. But this may actually mean they are just fed up with the present situation, after having a fight with someone, failing an exam or having problems at home or work.

These experiences are common and most people recover quite fast from these bouts of feeling low.

Actual depression is when a person suffers from constant low moods as well as other symptoms. So much so it interferes with his or her daily life.

When depressed it is usually hard to think clearly and make decisions, while it may also be difficult to actually take the first step to help oneself.

Nevertheless it is important to note that depression is only a temporary condition and can be treated. The important thing is to seek treatment early, and family and friends should play an important role in providing support and care for the person concerned.

But it should also be noted that depression is a serious matter and the longer the delay in seeking treatment the worse the condition may become.


• Depressed moods for long periods of time

• Loss of interest in things they enjoy doing and in living

• Sudden crying spells for no reason

• Sadness

• Insomnia, (lack of sleep) or unusually long periods of sleep,

• Change in appetite is also possible.

Other symptoms may include fatigue or energy loss, diminished ability to concentrate and to make decisions while feeling of hopelessness or worth-lessness is al so common.

If you do know someone is suffering from depression or even suspect that he/she does, it is important that you be there for the person even if it is just to talk.

A depressed person would usually show signs of withdrawal, isolation, lethargy and may even be self critical.

If you are feeling depressed or even a bit low here’s what you could do to uplift your spirits and take your mind off whatever is troubling you.

Speak to someone you are close to, be it a friend or family member.

Take a walk, get some fresh air.

Fresh air, people and activity will take your mind off being lonely or depressed and make you more energised. It is important that people who suffer from bouts of depression spend at least half an hour outdoors.

Take up classes in a new language or handicraft. If you had a hobby or enjoyed painting or reading this would be the best time to rekindle those likings. Yoga is an excellent diversion and very good for the body and mind. It will also give you a chance to meet people and spend sometime in a different environment.

Keep your house bright and full of sunshine.

Your diet is important. Eat nutritious food and fresh vegetable and fruits.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, saturated sugars and salty food.

Involve yourself in cooking with family and friends, this could act as therapy and is also a way of preparing a nutritious meal.

Get help soon.

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