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 Post subject: Powder Milk is boosting Diabetes among Kids
 Post Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 4:16 pm 

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Milk Powder is not providing Protein or Ca as human body required.

Casein Protein is cause Cancer for human being. Since rennin enzyme is continuously with making while kids are growing then as a result they cannot absorb the Milkpowder

Due to ratio of Pa and Ca from Milk Powder, Ca is not absorbing well to human body as well.

Doctors recommended Powder Milk since they are getting much more benefits from Milkpowder distributes. Some of the doctors who are live for Money will getting overseas trips, New year gifts, grand scale party in top class hotels and some more benefits.

Please think about our history about greater than 2500 years back and so on.

Milkpowder found in the world in 1802 by Russian doctor. It was brought to Sri Lanka around 1960.

If doctors still recommending Milkpowder, then that is just because of benefits and money flowing to their accounts.

Please think why 20% of kids having diabetes in the sri lanka?
Directly effect of Milkpowder not other than the stories telling by the doctors and so on.

If kids getting much more sugar with early cup of Milkpowder, Kids cannot get foods at write time. On the other hand they are getting 4 to 6 times big cup of Milkpowder since they not eat properly. This is the reason why they are getting diabetes. Also since kids are not strong with body and brain, there for they are not getting the pressure which coming from the society. Human milk to buildup the brain while up to suitable condition of teeth and born.

Use brain than the foreign businessman's recommendations and try to listen Girimanada piritha very well intelligently and see how the effect is.

Please remember and find why Japanese, Australians and developed countries not using Powder milk frequently as well for to well understand.

40M People suffer with OA and 2M People suffer with RA in USA. (This is good example for you to understand Milkpowder is not giving Ca as per businessman recommendation.

Visit http://milkpowd.blogspot.com

"Girimananda piritha" can cure any kind of diseases as per Lord Buddha chanted before the 2500 years as accordingly natural truth and natural Low of the existing world.

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