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 Post subject: DO you feel run down? - This way out
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 3:25 pm 
DO you feel run down? - This way out

DO you feel run down? So desperately tired that even after a snooze, getting out of bed is a drag and sleep hangs heavy on your lids? When food doesn’t interest you and work doesn’t inspire you? When you can’t concentrate and can’t seem to control your temper? What you could be suffering from is chronic fatigue syndrome, defined as a deep, prolonged state of tiredness.

Here’s how to a variety of experts would treat this modern malaise.

The Holistic Healer

Dr. R. K. Tuli, Senior Consultant, Holistic Medicine and Acupuncture, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi:

"Holistic healing treats the individual as a whole, it treats your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. We believe that an infant’s first cry at birth is the moment when his life spirit enters his body. We are healthy as long as this basic energy or ‘pranic shakti’ or ‘chi’ is well regulated and in harmony.

It can be disturbed due to a variety of factors. Climate: Wind, heat, humidity, dryness or coldness. Emotional factors: Anger, excess joy, fear, sadness. All these factors affect your energy levels. Whatever the reasons, energy thrown out of balance brings disturbed ease, or ‘disease’.

To bring this vital energy back into harmony, we need to understand the patient’s lifestyle and diet patterns. We do study ayurveda, but I feel we are one step ahead of ayurveda as we prefer to heal the patient without any medication — not even herb-based ones. Just some simple yoga exercises, combined with acupuncture or acupressure, and supported by reiki and ‘pranic’ cleansing. Just pressing the right pressure points along your body’s energy paths can put the flow of energy back on the rails within days."

The ‘Ayurvaid’

Padmashree Vaidya Triguna, Delhi:

"In ayurveda, we believe that everyone embodies one of the three basic life forces or elements which control all our mental and physical processes. The elements are air (called ‘vayu’ or ‘vata’), fire (called ‘pitta’), and water (called ‘kapha’). When these elements are balanced, one is healthy. Illness is defined as an imbalance of these elements.

An ‘ayurvaid’ will first take your pulse. That alone can tell him the condition of your health. Then he will examine the state of your tongue, skin, nails and eyes. He will discuss your medical history, diet and lifestyle at length. Based on his diagnosis, he will select herbal remedies from his store of over 8,000 herbs, minerals and vegetables.

Using a holistic approach, ayurveda also offers therapies like healing through music, ‘vedic’ mantras and even ‘vastu shastra’, for ayurveda believes that the exterior and interior design of buildings can affect our natural balance. All this, combined with breathing exercises, counselling, enemas, and yoga brings excellent results within days of starting the therapy."

The Allopath

O.P. Yadava, Chairman, Department of Cardiac Surgery, Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi:

"‘Yin’ or ‘yang’, ‘vata’, ‘pitta’ or ‘kapha’ — allopathy does not subscribe to any of these theories. To an allopath, fatigue is a non-specific symptom which can indicate a wide range of causes.

For instance, one of the leading causes of chronic fatigue is anaemia or low levels of haemoglobin. High blood pressure or the failure of the heart to perform at full efficiency are other major causes. Someone who is perpetually tired could be suffering from raised levels of urea in the blood — a dangerous condition as it affects the functioning of the kidneys. Another very common culprit is an underactive thyroid gland, which causes extreme fatigue.

If nothing else, it could be work-related or stress-induced fatigue. In the West, for instance, ward nurses are not half as stressed as the intensive-care nurses, who are required to be on their toes 24 hours a day. The intensive care nurses, therefore, are given special holiday benefits to compensate them for their higher levels of stress.

For an allopath to put his finger on the problem, he has to proceed systematically. First, a thorough clinical examination of the patient is done. A detailed medical history is very useful and based on past and present findings, he might order some basic blood tests, to check haemoglobin, urea and various chemical levels in the body. This, of course, is followed by advanced tests and a course of medication.

The Aromatherapist

Blossom Kochhar, aesthet- icienne and aromatherapist:

"An aromatherapist begins by asking patients about their general diet and lifestyle. That, in itself, is a bit like counselling, and relaxes the person immediately. Then come the oils and scents, which have a wonderful way of finding their way into your system. Try rubbing a little lavender oil under your nose, and you can taste it after a while. It has seeped into your senses. Rub some juniper oil into your tired feet, and it seeps into your skin, boosting circulation and easing fatigue.

Massage with essential oils is done in a soft, relaxing ambience for a truly beneficial impact. Sometimes, you can feel the difference within one session of massage. In more severe cases, it might take seven to eight sessions.

You can spray these oils on diffusers and light bulbs in your home, and the soothing scents will waft across to heal you. An aromatherapist will generally give you a whole range of scents to choose from. You can pick your own oils and blend them together in any combination you like.

Courtesy Femina

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