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 Post subject: LTTE promises mini Eelam in London
 Post Posted: Wed May 03, 2006 2:12 am 
LTTE promises mini Eelam in London

by Dushy Ranetunge
@ The Island / 02MAY2005

LONDON: Many an eyebrow has been raised here by the rhetoric of some LTTE supporters in the local government election fray, who promise preferential treatment for the Tamil community, in a multi racial society that believes in social integration.

The LTTE have put forward several candidates to contest for the position of local authority councilors on the 4th of May in key areas with large Tamil constituencies.

While a large number of Tamils are participating in the elections, a close examination of some of the Tamil candidates indicate that they are either sympathisers or ardent supporters of the UK proscribed terrorist organization, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and have engaged in activities in support of the LTTE.

The motive of the LTTE action is to attempt to influence the political thinking of the British government in favour of them and gain access to voter lists and target Tamil residents for extortion.

The most interesting of the campaign material published comes from the six candidates contesting in London Borough of Harrow. They have published their joint mission statement in the LTTE front 'Oru', a weekly Tamil language newspaper which states:

'If re-elected we want to achieve the following:

A sports ground exclusively for Tamil men, woman and children.

A centre for the Tamil senior citizens to meet and socialise.

More grant funding to schools to develop art & culture.

Organise more lobbying to demonstrate the Tamil plight in North and East of Sri Lanka.

Organise more trips by MPs and Councillors to see the situation in Sri Lanka for themselves. Continue to help the refugees through the MP' and speak out for them.'

In the climate of social integration and inclusive politics practiced in the multi cultural Britain, campaign luring Tamils with the above slogans only confirms lack of understanding of local government politics and its finances. The published statements also confirm that candidates are unable to move away and advocate diversity in their approach. It is alleged that the above mission statements had not been vetted by the Labour Party before publication as it reflects cheap vote winning promises.

Of the six candidates Daya Idaikadar is the only experienced Councillor serving for nearly eight years and seeking re-election. But the mission statement incorrectly states all six are seeking re-election. He too failed to help the new comers to follow the procedures of the Party and avoid giving false promises that they will work to gain a sports grounds exclusively for Tamils and obtaining Council grants for weekend Tamil schools in Harrow when the Council has moved away from practicing exclusivity on such matters long time ago.

The Tamil candidates contesting the election are:

Gopal Gopiratnam – He is contesting a ward in the Harrow Borough Council as a Labour candidate. He is involved with the LTTE front 'Oru' newspaper. This is a free circulation weekly Tamil language newspaper in the UK. This paper has a history of attacking anyone critical of the LTTE. The newspaper does not publish wider views of the Tamils and only publishes news and views about the LTTE and writes to stifle the free thinking Tamil voices.

Tamilni Kulendran - An independent candidate contesting a seat in Merton Council. He is working to get the support of 300 odd Tamil votes in the ward he is contesting. He is a journalist, Immigration advisor and community worker.

M S P Selvanayagam contesting as Mike Selva – He is re-contesting a ward in London Borough of Croydon as a Labour candidate. A Tamil nationalist and has close ties with LTTE supporting leaders in Tamil Nadu Pala Nedumaran, Veeramani and Vaiko. He is said to have met the Tamil DMK leader Dr Kalaignar Karunanithy.

Mrs Vijambihai Indrakumar- She is contesting as a Tory candidate in the Labour controlled Borough of Newham. A one time popular South Indian Bharathnatyam dancer, her popularity is enhanced because of her well respected and talented husband Dr K Indrakumar who has contributed enormously towards the enhancement of Tamil culture by his writings and contributions in major events. Since the break up of their marriage Mrs Indrakumar has developed political ambitions.

Yogan Yoganathan is the present Mayor of London Borough of Kingston re-contesting as a Lib Dem candidate. Very lively and an outspoken person and is a Tamil nationalist.

Rohan Ahilan Yoganathan- Son of Yogan Yoganathan. He is a professional and employed in the Asset Risk Management field. He is contesting in the London Borough of Kingston as a Lib Dem candidate. He is from the new generation of the Tamils born in the UK to enter politics.

Miss Elizabeth Mann known as Eliza Mann - She is re-contesting on the ticket of Lib Dem in London Borough of Southwark. In the advertisement published in the pro LTTE 'Oru Paper' she states that she works for Human Rights (The LTTE kind) and Rehabilitation of Sri Lanka'. She has a history of pro-LTTE and pro-Eelam lobbying and fund raising activities for the LTTE in the UK.

Sockalingam Karunalingam- Contesting for a Harrow Council seat on a Labour ticket. A pro-LTTE activist and one time Chairman of Kanaga Durgai Amman Temple. During his chairmanship he transformed the temple management into a pro-LTTE establishment. Though he had good intentions in helping Tamil people he became a pawn of the LTTE and built a strong LTTE regime in the temple by starting youth and elderly people clubs with diehard LTTEers. He was unceremoniously removed from his post recently following acrimonious politics as a result of moderate voices strengthening their hold in the temple. He was appointed by the LTTE as manager of its Tamil Television Network (TTN) in the UK for the financial support he had given when he was Chairman of the temple. Karunalingam is said to be related to Mathivathani Pirabakaran the wife of the LTTE supremo Pirabakaran.

Daya Idaikadar- A serving Councillor re-contesting in the London Borough of Harrow. He is a self employed accountant. He is a contributor to the LTTE's nitharsanam.com operating from Oslo. He wrote a letter to British Prime Minister recently condemning the military action by the Sri Lankan forces in Trincomalee without any reference to the suicide bombing by the pregnant LTTE woman in Colombo which caused deaths and also serious injuries to the Army Commander.

Paul Sathyanesan- Re-contesting his seat in the London Borough of Newham on a Labour ticket. He is an outspoken critic of Tamil gang violence in London.

Sandra Balendra – A young energetic candidate contesting in London Borough of Barnet as a Labour candidate. She is from the new generation of Tamils born in the UK.

Thavathurai Jayaranjan - Contesting in London Borough of Newham on a Labour ticket. A strong activist of the LTTE and have engaged in its fund raising activities in the UK. He went to Sri Lanka recently and met LTTE's S P Thamilchelvan in Vanni.

Krishna Suresh – An accountant by profession and have done community work. He is contesting on Labour ticket in the London Borough of Harrow.

Sashikala Suresh- She the wife of Krishna Suresh and contesting in the same borough as Labour candidate. She received wide publicity in the LTTE's nithasanam.com. Her profile advertised in the pro LTTE 'Oru Paper' states that she was involved in the Tsunami fund raising. Further inquiries reveal that the funds were raised for the LTTE White Pigeon Charity. The charity is under investigation by the British Charity Commissioner for its links with a proscribed terrorist organization (LTTE).

Karima Marikar- She is contesting in the London Borough of Harrow as a Labour candidate. She states in her campaign material, 'I feel my understanding of both Tamil and Sinhalese languages will help me reach out to some of the more under represented group in the community.'

Vaideeswaran Dayalan- He is contesting in the London Borough of Kingston on Labour ticket. He is board member of Kingston Tamil School, a weekend school run for the Tamils in South London.

The LTTE have already extracted Tamil names and addresses from the voting lists and are carrying out Tamil language propaganda in favour of their candidates. Tamils fear that the LTTE will soon be knocking on their doors for contributions for 'the final war' and more promises of capturing Jaffna, which their leader promised to do within 10 years and before the dawn of the new millennium.

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