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 Post subject: Dehi kepima
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 4:18 am 
Dehi kepima

According to Sri Lankan beliefs it is believed that success and prosperity of a person attract many unwarranted negative forces towards them. The jealousy of one’s neighbours, passers by or relations can trigger the forces of evil to unleash their wrath. The simplest of these is the Eswaha or the evil eye and the Katawaha the evil- mouth.

It is not an uncommon sight in a village cultivation to see the skull of a buffalo mounted on a stick or to see rag dolls perched on top of houses under construction. This is meant to attract the attention of the observer to these objects distracting him from the actual object of envy

Likewise there are many other methods by which the evil can be kept at bay.

Dehi Kepima is a popular ritual carried out to nullify evil forces and to protect the individual. The popular custom which literally means the cutting of lime is performed by repeating incantations for a specific number of times, while a Kattadiya or a witch doctor cuts the lime. This tradition dates back to the first thovil which was conducted by the Indian gods to dispel the influence of from the wife of King Sammatha. It is said that the first limes came from Naga Lokaya. Another special feature is that care is taken not to throw the halves of a same lime in the same direction.

 Post subject: Kaluwara Anduna & Henaraja thailaya
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 4:23 am 
Kaluwara Anduna & Henaraja thailaya

Source @ Eye Dec 2006

The Kaluwara Anduna

From our deities who made themselves invisible to gather information of mortals to Sebastian Caine of Hollow Man, invisibility has been craved by men for centuries. Even security advisors to world leaders are looking towards invisibility as a mode of protection.

Legends tell us about Kaluwara Anduna, a mythical potion that makes one invisible when applied on the skin or on cloth. There are many who swear that they have seen people use the potion to become invisible and use their invisibility for protection and to acquire what they want. “When I was small I have seen people visit my father asking for Kaluwara Anduna to protect their lives from foes. You need many exotic ingredients which can only be found with the most difficulty. Different practitioners use different methods since there are 9 genres created by the 9 founding fathers of Indian witch craft. Although there is still a demand for the potion there is no one who makes the potion at present. One reason is that as with the Henaraja thailaya no one in our community is prepared to take the risk and the consequences of an unsuccessful attempt” says Kattadi Gunesena.
But as with every powerful tool its double edged. “When you are invisible there is nothing that you can’t do. You can go anywhere and get what you want. I have seen practitioners use Kaluwara Anduna and many have used it to steal valuable property. There have been instances where husbands or wives have visited my father for the potion to spy on the spouse. In this field one cannot refuse this type of request just because it’s bad, so practitioners have to oblige these requests” he adds.

Henaraja thailaya

Acclaimed to be used by the bandit Saradiyel, Henaraja thailaya was the ancient equivalent of the bullet proof vest or car. It is believed that the person who wears a talisman containing it can be harmed by neither bullets nor arrows. First created for the kings its history dates back to antiquity. Ancient manuscripts record that the last known specimen was available at Munneshwaram Kovil and its sudden disappearance has added to its mythical image.

Despite the scepticism of many intellectuals a vast majority of the population believes that this ancient formula created for protection against harm really existed and some of the shamans we met assured of the reality of such a potion.

According to Kattadi Gunesena, a fourth generation shaman “this is a very ancient and rare potion. The making of it is very tricky since the ingredients needed to make it are very rare and also one has to wait for an auspicious time and a suitable place as well. “From what I know it cannot be distilled if there are many people around since they carry killy(unclean) ” said Gunesena explaining why the potion is no longer made.
“And the ingredients needed to create the potion are almost impossible to find. My father once told me that there is only one way to find them and that technique involves a great deal of skill of the practitioner and moreover it involves a great deal of risk. You have to find a happy youth and put him into a trance by using a charm/talisman specially designed for this purpose then you have to give him a knife and a sack and he will find the necessary ingredients. But this is a very high risk manoeuvre that involves a great risk to the participant and nowadays no one even attempts it although I know a few practitioners who have the formula” said Kattadi Gunesena.

From dabbling with the occult to ultra modern bullet proof cars V.I.P protection has come a long way from its humble beginnings. But in Sri Lanka as in most south Asian countries politicians seem to be trying out a combination of the scientific and the occult for protecting their lives. With the protection of VIP’s becoming a priority for the nation, a little supernatural intervention can most definitely help out in these troubled times.

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