The Kingdom of Sitavaka 1521-1594
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Author:  Rohan2 [ Thu Aug 25, 2005 10:13 pm ]
Post subject:  The Kingdom of Sitavaka 1521-1594

The Kingdom of Sitavaka 1521-1594

Sitavaka came into being on the failure of a conspiracy to deprive the throne to the legitimate heirs of Vijayabahu VI of Kotte (1513- 1521).

A century earlier, Kotte had Parakramabahu the VI (1411-1466), the last great ruler of the island. He was king emperor not in its just de jure concept, but as a most powerful de Facto ruler.

As it often happens after the reign of a powerful ruler, the period after Parakramabahu, saw the commencement of the gradual decline of the kingdom. It began with the ascent of Parakramabahu’s grandson to the throne, as Jayavira Parakramabahu (1466-1469). That accession was contested by Sapumal Kumaraya, Parakramabahu’s brother, who marched from Yapapatuna - which he had subdued and was ruling there-dethroned Jayavira, did him to death, and ascended the throne as Buvanekabahu the VI (1469-1477).

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