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 Post subject: lame duck govt and its acceptance
 Post Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 2:22 am 
In fighting,resulting in loss of focus,is and has been a common featyre.

Leaves no room for essential job that politicians are paid to do.

CBK,RW and others,spent much time in bickering,and the formerstill does not realize that her period is over,she was the Lame Duck President,and should let others decided.
If the report is correct,it points out some serious flaws,that could have affected the ability to make proper decisons[as they are all based on anger and emotions,not on logic,intelligence or for the epople]
SHe must make plans to play a non dominant,less powerful position.
May even take up the age old,abolition of presidency,again.
Can claim the LTTE,UNP,JVP,MR and others responsible,
now she is serious, or want the period to be 3 sixyear tems,with a couple of fresh sewaring in,extensions[using a friendly supreme court]

But it it time to move on.
we are dealing with a democracy[with a bit of dictatorship inposed by JR presidency,LTTE,JCP and maybe other new,heroes,yet to come]

why not skip all this,and go for a two term dictator,
with only the powers of the resident,
abolish parliament[as it is now]
take over the press[as the present reality shows]

and innstall a self destructive clause,after the 2nd term,
and let us try democracy again.
Wonder how they ruled after the infamous Queen Anula?


President Chandrika Kumaratunga, who returned from cyclone hit America, had rapped two senior ministers, considered her confidantes, a day after return. She returned on Tuesday afternoon.

The two politicians, holding key party posts as well as important positions in the UPFA parliamentary group, were ordered to leave when they met her at Janadhipathi Mandiraya, well informed sources said. They played a pivotal role in negotiations with the JVP leading to the hotly disputed Memorandum of Understanding under which the Marxist party promised to back Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse`s presidential bid.

She had been furious over remarks a key Rajapakse loyalist is believed to have made during her absence. The official a key figure in the incumbent Prime Minister`s campaign has been accused of making some disparaging remarks to the effect that Kumaratunga`s time was over.

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