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 Post subject: Vision of Separate Homeland is a Farce
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 2:20 pm 

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The idea of separate homeland for Tamils is a farce. Majority of Tamils live in the North and North-Eastern regions. But Tamils also live in all parts of the country mainly in Colombo. Moors or Muslims also live or lived in these areas until some of them were displaced by ethnic cleansing by Tamil rebels.

The fundamental fact is, Tamils for centuries from the colonial times have enjoyed homeland status and privileges in these areas including those in Colombo. To contradict is beggar’s belief. The administration of Tamil majority areas in the past has been under the central and local government systems as same as all other regions of the country. Local government in all parts of the country is conducted by the local inhabitants. The fight for separate homeland has inspired from fallacious, decadent ideologies fuelled by economic problems many developing countries face. Vision of a separate homeland is a charade, fad, and a damn red-herring. Tamil rebels must get that in to their heads. There are similar Sinhalese factions who are disillusioned about state of affairs. Social illusions, disillusionment, obsession, whim and savagery are the causes and driving force of the current conflict in Sri Lanka.

All regions in the country are decentralised for local administration by the local people for the local people. Socially and culturally Tamils have always enjoyed privileges of homeland until they started the savage armed insurrection and ethnic cleansing seeking a separate state. The current conflict has diverted valuable human and financial resources for misdeed, death and suffering. Tamil rebels are demented. God will punish them. Though in all religions they say, we should pray for these domineering savages.

Sri Lankan parliament has reached a high level of democratic cooperation and probity despite alleged minor irregularities during elections and such weaknesses prevailing in developing countries. Sri Lanka parliament is quite willing to solve this conflict rationally and not impeded by unfair opportunistic political values that existed in the historic past.
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