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 Post subject: sri lanka ,maybe a new begining
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 6:25 pm 
sri lanka ,maybe a new begining

This what the constitution dictated,attempts to continue for another year,revered by elections commissioner and supreme court. LTTE should be dealt with,via dialogue[not forgetting they ,muslims and the tamils who are not LTTE,are sri lankans and deserve significant attention,. It maybe unpleasant to some.

But politics should not forget that we are not for war, Personal gains sought by some,should be negated by the needs of the many and that of the country. we are a nation of Buddhists/hindus/Moslems and christians.
we believe in fair play, eqyality of man/woman and the rights of all humans to coexist, without religious,ethnic,racial and all boundaries,that places limits on ordinary humans[and not the superhumans that we can all strive to be] mostly due to wrong teachings,wrong leaders and ignorance.

we lost 3 years,to solve this problem. It is time for all leaders to make this change. The race boils down to UNP/allicance,Ranil/Mahinda.
Both have godd credentials,and represent 90-95% of the countrys majority, but the king makers can nullify the will of the majority.
can lanka find a solution for this inherent weakness in our form of govt., or the people?

we have enough support to take the country forward. reduce the waste,divert money and revenue to development, and the silly differences will be less prominent[they will not dissapear,as sowing the seds of dissention,the the way of life for those who wait for power] Karma and godswill maybe still against the people of sri laka and the world.

IF we seek the blessings of all the powers,including that of the Triple Gem, maybe someone or some power will listen to the people,
and help us to solve our problem and show the way ,for the
rest of the world.

May the gods bless sri lanka and Mettha protect it,from all enemies domestic and foreign, within and without us.

there is a way for election chief to retire.

can you refer him to US,so that we can show him the right people to consult.

Not necessarily the politicians,who by the ,are not trusted by the vast majority of the people ,in all parts of the world. They are an essential evil,to deal with,and no options are availabe.

I am sure they understand this lack of faith and trust in them,but
they use,every vehicle to deal with denial and acceptance of the opposite.
Like the king who was naked,all the people told him,how beautiful his dress was. Now do you see the similarity of loliticians, and how they survive the odds,even after death?

I won't vote, says election chief

Dayananda Dissanayake: Six heart attacks but cannot retire
Sri Lanka's colourful election chief says he does not intend to vote in November's presidential election because he does not trust politicians.
Dayananda Dissanayake, 64, said he last voted in 1963. "Since I got to know politicians, I decided never to vote again

 Post subject: New beginning, or forward from where we left ?
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 11:44 pm 

Joined: Mon Aug 21, 2006 4:39 am
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It is over an year since our much respected DRBDES left the first writing, and much water has flowed under the bridge. Priorities have clearly emerged, old suspicions and allegations proven, flaws in the system understood, resistance to change and re-inforcement of age old conservativisms established. A time of many positives and negatives in a nation which is used to taking drastic change in its stride.

Whether we need a new beginning is an interesting question. since Sri Lanka right now needs to heal old wounds which are bleeding her to death. We are facing a war thrust upon the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka by the world's most brutal terrorist outfit, the racist-tamil LTTE. The current war is not just one for political expediency, but of one existentialist importance; for when the LTTE loses a battle, there's always scope for them to continue to exist within a democratic national framework. If the SL govt loses the war, every Sinhalese, Muslim, and Tamils who disagree with the LTTE's brutal dictum would be massacred. And that is the absolute ground reality of the war launched by the LTTE with clearly declared intentions, as witnessed by the entire world.

Sri Lanka has no choice ut to pursue to war to a successful conclusion. While many war analysts proclaim that it is impossible to eliminate the LTTE, there is no absolute need to do so militarily. The need of the hour is to marginalize them militarily, disable their long-range weaponery and dismantle the international funding lines. By bringing home the reality that they'd never win the racist war, the SLG would be able to allow it to boil in its own oil and self-destruct eventually. In order to achieve this eventuality, the SLG needs to allow the parties who are probing and asserting pressure on the very suspicious Norwegians to continue with their activities.

Sri Lanka does need a new beginning. Yet, to start a new, Sri Lanka needs to stem the bleeding wounds, the roots of which lie buried deep in a bunker in the Wanni.

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