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 Post subject: Fiasco in Vaharai
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 10:21 pm 

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President Mahinda Rajapakse chased away the menacing LTTE gang that resided in Sampoor, near the major civilian harbor in the eastern Sri Lanka last August. Battered and unable even to flee to their strong hold in Killinochchi, this group went into hiding in the jungles of Vaharai, just south of Sampoor. From here they started robbing and terrorizing the neighboring villages, they even fired long distant artillery at civilian villages killing school children and teachers. (http://www.spur.asn.au/LTTE_Atrocities_ ... ssacre.htm)
Seeing enough of this torment president Rajapakse ordered the armed forces to liberate the suffering civilians from this menacing mob. When the Sri Lankan military started this humanitarian operation most of the media outlets in Sri Lanka and the non governmental organizations bellowed that the armed forces are strangling the civilian life in the area by depriving the free flow of food and medicines, and they demanded an immediate halt to this operation. Last week Sri Lankan armed forces entered Vaharai , and the defense secretary visited the area. Contrary to what the NGO and cooperate media reported they found no evidence of food or medicinal shortages, but they found ample evidence of appalling abuse of food and medicine by the LTTE mob. As reported by many independent media, the armed forces found stockpiles of medicines hidden in LTTE bunkers (http://www.dailynews.lk/2007/01/25/main_News.asp#). Most repugnantly they found the LTTE mob leader Swarnam has used bags of rice to cover his bunker (http://www.divaina.com/2007/01/26/news11.html). Army also discovered that the LTTE had setup an artillery gun position at the civilian hospital jeopardizing functioning of the hospital.( http://www.island.lk/2007/01/25/news1.html) (http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20070125_02 ). The Norwegian led monitoring mission deliberately shrouded these atrocities, and didn’t even condemn them after they were revealed.
These revealings once again show the disingenuous nature of the NGO based and cooperate media in Sri Lanka, not only have they falsely blamed the armed forces for destabilizing civilian life in the region, they failed to report the appalling atrocities of the LTTE mob in the region. A vast majority of the Sri Lankan people believe that forceful means should be used to curb the unyielding vicious LTTE terrorism. These media institutes and NGOs act to prevent the LTTE from loosing all because of their vested interests. The media fiasco in Vaharai shows this to us once again

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