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 Post subject: Solution for ever-rising fuel cost
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:06 pm 
It is known fact that although some parties in Sri Lanka claim that they can reduce the cost of living as soon as they come to power, noone can do that as cost of living is directly propotional to patrolium products. Even 65% of our electricty is generated from Diesal.So,I saw our one of leaders has asked in a meeting how egg prices go high when crude oil prices are getting high..Laughable fact actually.

But, government can plan to find out means to reduce fuel consumption in long term. At first, state of the art railway system should be implemented covering all major cities.This reduces number vehicles considerably (school vans,staff vans , private busses etc).
Aa we all know , government is spending too much on highways.Highways promotes motor traffic again.There should a plan to reduce motor traffic.Also,there should be a plan as to how remote communties like Ampara,Hambantota,Embilipitiya ,Welimada connect to Colombo.If railway gives a solution for transporting their farmer products,it will redcue the number of lorries entering to urban areas.And, also it will reduce cost of living also.Furthermore,government should use railway to carry containers.

Many so called enviorenmentilist are yelling when Norocholloa/Upper Kotamale projects are to start.But,they keep blind eye on air pollution coming from motor traffic and generators.I do not know whose agendas they follow.

So, it is my opinion that Railway can solve most of present problems considerably. It will reduce fuel consumpition, motor traffic problem and promote pollution free air.

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2005 11:03 am 
This is true.Railway is the only medium which can solve present day traffic and fuel cost problem.See if CGR renovate "Kelaniweli" track and make it double track ,Traffic in 138 route can drastically be reduced.Our most of the time is wasted in roads. :(

 Post subject: SL needs a leader with a vision and a major change
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2005 10:32 pm 
The main problem in SL is politics is involved in the whole system. It is like a virus or even better compared to a cancer, spoil, corrupt, poison and weaken the whole society, economy, infrastructure even the religion. Ministries, authorities, boards, departments, military, police even the temples, churches and kovils are driven by political interests. There is no national strategy or a policy. There is only political interest and greediness for power and money.

SL railway has gone to dogs since independence. There is no a single mile was added after the British left the Island. This is because there is no strategy, no plan. When a new government comes to power they appoint all the henchmen to the big posts who are supposed to make strategic decisions. These idiots have no knowledge and only interested in becoming rich. So they do all the possible corruption in the limited period and then comes another rogue, and go on. I know SL Railway had most of the government lands. Now most of these lands are gone, given to political supporters at a price even low as 1 rupee per perch (99 year lease).

This is a curse. SL needs a good leader with a vision. I do not see any potential candidates at the moment.

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