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 Post subject: Who is insane Erik Solheim or LTTE?
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 3:13 am 
SriLanka: Murder of Foreign Minister Laksman Kadirgamar

Who is insane Erik Solheim or LTTE?

An open Letter to Norway and Diplomats: West-your hands are bloody too!

India’s inability and the duplicity of the West had given the perfect condition for the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) to kill the Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar. It is very unfortunate to lose an outspoken and a fine gentleman like him in this brutal manner by the Tamil Tiger Terrorism. Initial reaction came from Norway and Erik Solheim said, “It is completely insane”. Even days after the murder only the act was condemned not the murders. Many people have been killed under the shadow of, Ranil-Norway made, memorandum of understanding (MoU). We have lost many good citizens of our country. LTTE have killed more than 350 of our citizens, mostly Tamils, just after the MoU. Without any doubt Norway’s monitoring mission has failed in their duty and they became inefficient and even meaningless. In fact Norway itself became the facilitator for the LTTE killing machine. On the other hand the so-called regional power India’s inaction policy on Srilanka was also a part of the equation and a problem. India’s silence is further facilitating Norway’s agenda and thereby the LTTE as well. The killing of pro-Indian Kadirgamar was a slap on the face of India. This is not the first time. Worst of all is India’s well-chosen diplomatic words or constant statements, time after time, doesn’t have any effect at all. It is not only meaningless and even questioning its own existence in that region. India failed in its duty as a regional power and surprisingly still seeking a permanent membership in the UN. What for? India could not even stand up, as a country, against the LTTE for the murder of it’s own Prime Minister late Rajive Gandhi. India is unable to bring the known suspects to justice who were responsible for the brutal murder of late Rajive Gandhi. After all India did not even send any warning after the death of Rajive Gandhi. India-Where is the dignity of your country? Is India really putting its counter balance on its neighbors and in the region? Why should Parkistan or even LTTE mind about India? India’s silence only helped to encourage more brutal killings by the LTTE. If India had played a constructive role in Srilanka’s ongoing war or in the murder of her Prime Minister it would have saved many innocent Tamil citizens as well as prominent leaders like Kadirgamar and Nelan Thiruchelvam besides many Singhalese and Muslim citizens in the past fifteen years. In most cases those citizens were innocent civilians, other political party members and supporters, government servants and military officials. India only brought us just symbolic condolences to Srilanka and time-to-time it would say that it is closely monitoring the situation in Srilanka? What else to monitor after it had lost its Prime minister by a LTTE suicide bomber some 15 years ago?

India keep watching! One-day the leader of the LTTE will come to Colombo for an Indian visa! Enough India. Enough! You must stop your nonsense first and then only we Srilankans could expect from India to put pressure not only on Norway’s nonsense but also on the other Western countries particularly UK, Germany, France, Denmark and Switzerland as well as Canada and Australia. These countries are harboring Tamil Tiger terrorists. We Srilankans do not need condolences and diplomatic statements from India and others any more. We need some constructive actions and diplomatic pressure with DEAD LINE. India- it is time to show your leadership and help stop this Norwegian facilitated murders-the LTTE’s senseless killings of innocent Srilankan citizens. If India truly salutes her true friend late Kadirgamar then you must act NOW. More you wait the more you will regret in the future. LTTE never understands the diplomatic or democratic language and never will. Even though more than 350 people have been killed by the LTTE, since the peace agreement, Norway and other Western countries so far counted only Kadirgamar. Don’t forget how many real coffin protests Norway Embassy and Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) have witnessed so far. Criminals of Norway -Erik Solhim & Co never took any action to stop these killings. If they had done some thing then, with the first political murder by the LTTE, we would not have been in this position now. One of the earlier victims Thambiah Subathiran, a fine social activist and a Jaffna municipal council member, India’s friend was killed by the LTTE in a similar way with a sniper gun in Jaffna. His murder was another slap on India’s face before Kadirgamar’s death. Of course it was not the first time that the LTTE is denying a cold-blooded murder. It was not the first time the use of sniper gun by the LTTE.

Even after 9/11 era, the West did not change its mind like the Tamil Tigers. It has two different standards for Srilanka and for the West. Only After 7/7 the United Kingdom experienced suicide bombers for the first time. However it is only keen to deport Muslim extremists who are a threat to its own country while harboring the Tamil Tigers in their country. Theoretician Anton Balasingham, the LTTE spokes-man and his team lives and coordinates terrorist network for the Tamil Tiger terrorists’ even in post 7/7 London. It seems that the new anti-terrorism law in UK is applicable only for Muslim foreigners? Where does UK deport the very lawmakers and Tamil Tiger activists who are directly or indirectly facilitating the Tamil Tiger terrorists who raise funds and promote hate and terror messages of people like late Kadirgamar to get killed? As late Kadirgamar warned many times in the past that the funds raised in the West is the lifeline of LTTE. Few days before the murder of Kadirgamar, a Jaffna Police Superintendent, Charles Wijewardane was brutally killed by the LTTE in Jaffna and the mutilated body of the killed police officer’s picture appeared within minutes of his disappearance in pro-LTTE internet web site the “Tamilnet.com”. Isn’t it a promotion of hate and terrorism? Another web site, “nitharsanam.com” welcomed Kadirgamar’s death. After all both of them are registered in the USA and Tamil Tigers in Norway operate these very web sites. In Canada, government funded radio-CMR FM 101.3 (Canadian Multicultural Radio-Tamil) run by Tamil tiger agents, in the guise of cultural organization, defending the death of Kadirgamar. A well known journalist and political analyst D.B.S. Jeyaraj observes the following:

The LTTE "Voice of Tigers" (Puligalin Vaanoli director Thavapalan fired a broadside titled " oru thani manithanin maranathil oru iname mahilchi adaigirathu" (An entire nation is rejoicing over the death of a single individual). This is being relayed all over the world besides being available on internet. Saying that all Tamils are rejoicing over an assassination is both wrong and stigmatises an entire people with barbaric attributes. This is akin to the tiger propaganda that the people of Inuvil butchered King Charlie whereas it was the LTTE that did it.The tiger and pro - tiger critique of Kadirgamar is situated on different premises to those of moderate Tamils and have to be dealt with separately.(web:Tamil Week.com; D.B.S. Jeyaraj, August 21, 2005)

These countries that harbor and help to promote hate crime and terrorism does not deserve the right to send condolences either to Kadirgamar’s family or to Srilankan State. As said in the Island newspaper of August 15, 2005 "the diplomats of the countries, where the LTTE is allowed to operate, need no clothes, when they pay their last respects to Kadirgamar. They can file past his coffin, stark naked. For, they have proved they have no sense of shame". As Ira de Silva writes on Lanka web and adding further that “the members of the Norwegian government as they are the main prop and benefactor of the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka. Not only do they have no shame, they have no integrity or moral values as those who provide the means for murder are as guilty as those who commit murder”. (Ira de Silva: Canada) At the same time, India lost its mind, ability and leadership, in its own blood with the death of Rajive, as a regional power. It is India’s inability that opened the door for the Norwegians. In this respect late Kadirgamar fought alone, like Thambiah Subathiran did in Jaffna, as their good friend India betrayed both of them and never came to their help. Indeed kadirgamar himself is the regional and a global superman, when it comes to war on terror, who fought alone the world’s most bloodiest well organized and brutal terrorist organization, without much help from the so called regional super power- India!

The West must bring to an END your double standards when it comes to war on terror. You will never win the war on terror until you have realized and recognized that the terrorism affect all of us in the same way as in the West. The LTTE has been terrorizing Srilanka with its suicide bombs for years now. None of the western countries did anything to stop these fund raising activities of LTTE in their countries. LTTE used more than 270 suicide bombers up to date. This is more than the number of suicide bombers used by all other terrorist organization together in the world. In the 7/7incident, UK lost 60 of its citizens and then only decided to strengthen the anti-terrorism act. We in Srilanka lost more than 6 times of that number by the Tamil Tiger terrorists after the MoU alone under the nose of Norway and international community. Some of these countries are not even ready to ban the Tamil Tigers in their country. Countries like Canada and its Liberal politicians in Toronto area are heavily dependant on Tamil votes for them to get re-elected. These politicians including Hon. Bill Graham (current Defence Minister) former foreign minister of Canada, who constantly refused to ban the Tamil Tigers. These politicians are living and capitalizing politics on the death of innocent Tamils, Singhalese and Muslims of Srilanka. We the Srilankans should politely reject the Canadian high commissioner’s as well as some other Western countries’ condolences in respect of a true hero and a genuine man late Kadirgamar. Many countries including Canada and UK who had sent condolences to Srilanka must realize that your hands are bloody too. Continued silence about LTTE terrorism by the countries like UK, Canada and Australia is the worst crime than what the LTTE committed days ago on that fatal night. West must realize that in the past, political isolation policy did help South Africa to bring back the country equally with international community. It is time to ban the LTTE in the west as late Kadirgamar had campaigned. And it must be banned against the wish of some narrow-minded and self-centered local politicians in western countries.

For many of these countries this is not the first time to send condolences and will not be the last either. Many years back Sam Thampimuttu, a Member of Parliament and his wife, Kala, were killed in broad day light by the Tiger gun men right in front of the Canadian high commission in Srilanka. When Thambiah Subathiran was killed by a sniper gun in Jaffna two years ago, India brought us only condolence. It seems to be India sending a signal to the LTTE that you keep on killing and we will be there for the funeral and condole with you. How many of us do you want to get killed by the LTTE before you (West and India) realize that Tamil Tigers are in fact killing even their own people? UK was worrying for its 60 bomb victims but doesn’t seem to be even caring for the daily death of Srilankans by the LTTE in Srilanka.

Continuing LTTE intimidation and fund raising activities in these Western countries need to be addressed immediately and LTTE offices must be closed down with out any further delay. And time has come to remove LTTE activists from your own countries and thereby the West must send a message to those who support terrorism in their countries. India must help Srilanka in this war on terror and should go beyond without merely releasing statement, which lacks any action. You must stop firing the empty guns at least by NOW. Srilanka can beat terrorism only by getting help from India and crushing LTTE in the West first. India does not even need to commit it’s ground troops in Srilanka. Few air strikes would be good enough to send a strong signal as USA initially did with Sadam in Iraq (Bill Clinton retaliated by air strike for assassination attempt on senior Bush) or take the war to Wanni jungle to bring the killers of your late Prime Minister.

Finally, LTTE did not kill Kadirgamar and many others alone. It is India’s inability created a perfect condition for the LTTE. Western countries’ ignorance and their double standards of, war on terror helped organize funding and terror network for the LTTE. Tiger’s time buying tactics achieved the so-called liberators to successfully eliminate many of its own people who were brilliant, brave and courageous Tamils like late Kadirgamar. Norwegians gave the LTTE, the diplomatic cover in the name of peace. Western countries are still preaching us to continue the talk with the very terrorists, the masters of suicide bombers, who murdered the man of peace Kadirgamar and many others in the past and will in the future. After all these preachers of the West would NOT do the same with Al Qeada and Sadam! These western countries, including the leaders of war on terror-the US and UK also betrayed our courageous hero Kadirgamar even in their condolences. As professor Hudson McLean wrote in Lankaweb, “The condolences sent by CondoLeeza Rice was so vague, probably written by a third class gardener at the White House. We expected more from the learned Professor of Law. A disgraceful piece of (s) crap”(Lanka web: August 22, 2005)

Those dignitaries from the West who are harboring the LTTE in your countries must be ashamed of YOUR SELF on this last journey of this fine Tamil Man and A TRUE HERO.

Mr. Erik Solheim nobody is insane. Not even the LTTE but YOU.

S. Arunachalam

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 Post Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2005 6:25 am 
You are a good man Sir.

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 Post Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2005 6:25 am 
You are a good man Sir. I am sinhalese.

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