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 Post subject: Eelam War IV - Northern Theater - Progress Report - Part 1
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:24 pm 
Eelam War IV - Northern Theater - Progress Report - Part 1

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Eelam war IV commenced in July 2006 as an active defence against continued attacks by LTTE at the Sri Lanikan military and civilians. This was when the ceasefire agreement singed in 2002 was still in force. The government launched limited military operations to liberate Mavil Aru sluice gates in the Eastern Province. SL Military continued its offensive and liberated the whole Eastern Province by February 2007. (Read More).

Security forces' Forward Defence Line (FDL) in the Jaffna theatre stretches for about 12 km on the neck of the Jaffna peninsula. On 11th of August 2006, LTTE launched a massive attack on Sri Lanka Army defence lines in the Jaffna. Tigers broke through army defense lines around Muhamalai, and advanced further north, but they were halted after 10 hours of fierce fighting. Isolated battles continued over the next few days, but the LTTE was forced to give up its offensive due to heavy casualties. Up to 700 LTTE and 150 soldiers were killed during these battles. Sporadic fighting in the North has been going on for months, but the intensity of the clashes increased since September 2007.Two months later, in October, an army offensive was launched against LTTE but it was crushed and resulted in the bigest loss of life for the military in four years with 129 soldiers killed and 519 wounded.

After repeated failures in the attempted north to south march and heavy losses of men and materials in Jaffna, the Sri Lankan military changed their strategy to make it a North bound march from South in Wanni. Wanni theatre initially had a winding FDL stretches for about 115 km, between the Mannar coast and the Kokkuttoduvai coast on the northeastern shores. The Army initially deployed 2 divisions and a Task Force to lead the offensives along the Wanni Defence on 3 battlefronts namely; Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya. Later, the Mannar and Vavuniya battlefronts combined with each other making the largest ever battlefront fought against the LTTE. With the progress of the battle the Army has increased its strength up to 4 divisions and 3 task forces.

Earlier, on November 2, 2007 S. P. Thamilselvan, who was the head of the rebels' political wing, was killed during an air raid. The Sri Lanka Air Force openly vowed to destroy the entire leadership of the LTTE. On January 5, 2008 Col. Charles, Head of LTTE Military Intelligence, was killed in claymore ambush by a Army Deep Penetration Unit.

Mannar close to Fall - Dead Man Walking
LTTE to face a do or die battle

[Jan, 2008, Colombo, @ LL] Military operations against the LTTE in the north are increasing. The hundreds of kilometers of "front line" separating LTTE controlled terrain along the coast in the north, and the rest of the island, is defended by groups of bunkers. Here over a hundred LTTE fighters live and, if attacked, fight. The army is taking advantage of low LTTE morale. Some 10-20 are dying each day, most of them LTTE. The LTTE is losing over 500 fighters a month to death, capture, serious wounds, disease and desertion. Army tactics stress keeping friendly casualties down, and this appears to be working. This approach improves soldier morale, and builds confidence with each LTTE bunker captured.

The air force is getting better at ferreting out where the LTTE is on the ground. Years of studying aerial photos and electronic intercepts have paid off, with experienced air force analysts finding more and more camouflaged LTTE bases, and bombing them. Meanwhile, India has admitted an open secret; that the Indian and Sri Lankan navies have been cooperating more to catch LTTE arms smugglers.

The army has advanced into LTTE territory in the north, inflicting several hundred casualties and capturing LTTE bunkers and ammo supplies. The LTTE is believed to have only a few thousand armed fighters left, and these are suffering from a shortage of ammunition and morale. But the LTTE still has a formidable commando force, willing to take on true suicide missions, and with an impressive track record.


@ Agencies / SLA / 20 Jan, 2008

Sri Lanka's forces have attacked five Tamil Tiger boats in the north, while separately troops have killed 41 rebels and one soldier died in fresh fighting, the military said on Sunday.

Heavy clashes have erupted between army and LTTE on the Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya battlefronts since this morning (January 20) said the defence sources.

On the Mannar front, troops advanced further in to the Pallikuli area in Admapan and dislodged LTTE fortified positions. According to the sources, army infantrymen after a heavy battle captured the trench defence manned by the LTTE terrorists around 8, this morning. During the subsequent search troops found two bodies of LTTE female cadres along with two T-56 riffles. Troops suffered no casualties in this incident. Ground troops said that the terrorists were driven off from the area with heavy casualties.


"Troops attacked a line of LTTE terrorist bunkers ... south of Adampan Tank in Mannar and completely destroyed six to eight of them," said a spokesman at the media centre for national security.

It seems the LTTE is not in a position to stop the forces capturing their territory as troops operating in the Mannar made major moves on Friday and Saturday taking many vital grounds in Parappkandal and Adampan.

The military sources confirm that the LTTE leadership is in total disarray in Mannar and Madhu sector. Lakshaman the Tiger area leader for Mannar and Madhu has taken over the operational matters as many leaders have failed in giving leadership to cadres in the LTTE FDLs. They have removed Baskeran from the area as he failed to keep Uyilankulam under the LTTE command.

Last week, the troops attached to 6 Gemunu Watch operating under the 58 Division captured a bunker line capturing nearly six kilo metres strech. During this attack they captured a command bunker of the LTTE identified as A-3 base killing three Tiger leaders in the ranks of 'Lt. Col' 'Major' and 'Captain'. The troops also recovered bodies of three female cadres. For the first time the troops have been able to capture a route leading to Parappakandal from Murunkan.

On the Vavuniya front troops confronted with LTTE terrorist at two separate incidents around 9.a.m. According to the sources two terrorists were killed in a confrontation took place in the Madhu area and another two were killed in a similar incident in the Periyathmapanai area. No casualties to the own troops in either of the incidents, sources added.

Meanwhile on the Welioya front, troops clashed with a group of LTTE terrorists in the area North of Kiri-ibbanwawa around 1.50, this afternoon. Troops confirmed that two terrorists were killed and one injured in the incident. Also, one soldier went on missing and one suffered injuries due to the clash.

In the mean time, The LTTE area leader of THENMARACHCHI, KENGAN was shot and killed by Army troops today (20) around 4.30 p.m. at KAITHADI North, JAFFNA.

The military said they had killed 39 Tamil Tiger rebels in fighting on Saturday and one solder also died. Separately the military in northern Jaffna peninsula had attacked five boats of the Tigers.

 Post subject: Troops attack LTTE defences
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:58 am 
Troops attack LTTE defences
Tigers declare names of the dead cadres

Sri Lankan warplanes bomb Tamil Tiger bases in the far north while ground troops continued its multi pronged thrust in to non liberated areas in Vavuniaya, Mannar and Welioya area inflicting heavy damages to the LTTE.

@ Press Trust of India / CMNS / Agencies / CDN
Friday, January 25, 2008 (Colombo)

In stepped-up fighting, Sri Lankan security forces gunned down at least 43 Tamil Tigers and lost seven soldiers in the island's restive north, where the Air Force jets on Friday raided an LTTE transport base in the rebel-dominated Kilinochchi area.

The aerial raid targeted the LTTE base located at two kms southwest of the depot junction in Selvanagar in Kilinochchi, the Defence Ministry said.

The raid was launched based on information received through intelligence sources and air surveillances conducted for a long period, Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Andy Wijesooriya said.

The pilots confirmed that the target was accurately hit, he said.

In ground clashes, at least nine Tigers were killed in south of Adampan in northwestern Mannar after troops destroyed seven LTTE bunkers yesterday, the Defence Ministry said.

In another incident, troops gunned down five rebels in Muhamale in Jaffna peninsula yesterday, the army said. Lt N.M. Rajapakse and another soldier were killed in Muhamalai on Thursday due to an explosion of an Improvised Explosive Device, the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said.

During a surprise attack on Muhamalai and Kilaly LTTE fronts by the 53rd Division and 55th Division on January 21 the troops were able to destroy 24 bunkers of the LTTE killing 15 Tiger cadres and injuring 30 of them.
Twenty four bunkers included four bunkers in Nagar Kovil, 12 bunkers on the East of A 9 Road and eight bunkers on the West of A9 Road.
Two soldiers were killed and nine wounded in fighting. This included four soldiers classified as P 1 injuries and five soldiers, classified P 2 injuries.
As troops took over the bunkers, Tigers withdrew to their secondary defence line from where they fought back the advancing troops. Troops engaged in this operation returned to their original defences.

It said that two rebels were killed in Navathkulam in northern Vavuniya yesterday while two women Tigers were gunned down in Kallikulam. At Periyapandisurichchan in Vavuniya, army snipers deployed in the defence line killed an LTTE cadre.

On the Mannar front, troops stationed at Vannakulam came under heavy mortar shelling by LTTE cadres on Thursday evening resulting in the killing of two soldiers and injuries to two others, the Defence Ministry said.

Seven soldiers were killed in battles on Thursday. Lt Bopage of the Infantry Regiment and two soldiers were killed in Jaffna.

Five Army Divisions in Wanni


The Army has opened up four major fronts with 5 divisions in Wanni and the North to draw the Tigers into battle: North Mannar (58 Division), West Vavuniya (57 Division), Jaffna (53 Division and 55 Division in Kilali, Muhamali and Nagarkovil) and Weli Oya (59 Division)

58 Division

Task Force -I or the 58 Division under the command of Brigadier Shavindra de Silva is now heading towards Vedithalthivu in the North of Mannar on three fronts. Despite stiff resistance from the LTTE, the Army was able to take control of Parapakandal and Adampan south and west around the lake, while destroying an LTTE command position.

Task Force -1 which was later turned into the 58th Division commenced operations on September 22. At the initial stage it carried out a strategy to attract more Tiger cadres towards them and cut off their supplies. The 58th Division made speedy moves within this month.

According to the intercepted radio transmissions LTTE has declared the names of 598 cadres killed in last month by their name in Mannar. They have also mentioned 441 Tiger cadres who had sustained injuries during these battles. The largest hits have been taken within the first 22 days of 2008 with the killing of 188 cadres and injuring 65. The figure is much higher according to intercepted radio communications of the LTTE as they have declared 206 names of the dead cadres and 64 names of injured cadres.

The 581 Brigade under the Command of Colonel Sujeewa took 1.5 Kilometres North West of Giant Tank. They are now operating 1.3 Kilometres East of Adampan taking control over Uyilankulam -Anathankulam after advancing into Tiger territory through the Uyilankulam road block.

The 582 Brigade under the command of Colonel Heshan Silva has also advanced towards the general area of Adampan from west to east direction capturing Manthai, Narikulam, Chettukuli and Vannakkuli and they are now operating just one kilometre away from Adampan junction.

Meanwhile, the 583 Brigade under the command of Suraj Wanshajayah has also moved towards Adampan from the Uyilankulam Cross Loading point through Neelachchenai and Palakkuli. They are now in full control in Palakkuli, one kilometre west of Adampan road.

Nearly 50 square kilometres in the Mannar Rice Bowl have already been taken under the control of the troops of Task Force -I and they will continue with their task of clearing an area nearly 250 square Kilometres to take the full control of the green belt in the Mannar district.

57 Division

The troops attached to the 57th Offensive Division under the command of Brigadier Jagath Dias are also making speedy moves towards the northward direction capturing strategic locations in Vavuniya /Kilinochchi border. After almost a one year of battle the troops attached to the 57 Division have captured approximately 200 square kilometres after intense fighting with the LTTE cadres, along a 45 Kilo metres long front from Kannaiadi to Navi on the North of the A-36 Mannar-Vavuniya road.

In some areas the troops have passed the Kilinochchi administrative district border demarcating Vavuniya and Kilinochchi districts. The strategic locations of Thampanai, Pandivirichchan, Mullikulam and Vilathikulam are located within the 45 Kilometres long front and were captured by the troops during the year long battle.

The troops advancing on the Madhu road are now operating just three kilometres away from the Madhu area after consolidating their positions in the Thampanai and Periyathampanai villages. It was after a months long battle the troops were able to capture Thampanai village which was trapped by the LTTE. The final effort to capture this strategic village heavily trapped by the fleeing cadres was made by the troops attached to the 7 Sinha Regiment under the Command of Lt. Colonel Kithsiri Liyanage. It proved successful in late December.

Now the troops attached to 572 Brigade are moving towards Madhu successfully taking control of Pandivirichchan village. The bigger challenge ahead of them is the artillery guns located by the LTTE at the environs of the Madhu shrine and the trapping of the LTTE to deter the advancement of the troops.

Meanwhile, troops attached to 571 Brigade under the Command of Colonel Ravipriya are heading towards Palampiddy direction from Iranairuppaikulam junction. They have now taken full control of the Mullikulam village which was ahead of Palampiddi in the North of Madhu. Four battalions 9 Gajaba Regiment, 8 and 11 Sri Lanka Light Infantry Regiments and 12 Sinha Regiment are operating under the command of 571 Brigade.

The 573 Brigade under the Command of Colonel Lal Gamage is advancing towards Vilathikulam direction almost hugging the A-9 road. They are now operating north of Vilathikulam. Four battalions - 4 Sinha Regiment, 8 Gajaba Regiment, 6 and 4 Vijayabha Infantry Regiment are operating under the 573 Brigade to consolidate the Vilathikulam front in the West of Vavuniya. Troops have advanced more than 10 to 15 kilometres ahead of the original FDL dominated by the troops a year ago though the main focus of the troop was not the capture of territory. In some sectors the troops have trod their feet in the Mullaitivu district.

The troops attached to the 57 Division who faced severe resistance from the Tiger cadres at the initial stage are now facing no major resistance from the Tigers except for their trappings and mines to stop the advance of troops. The major drawback on the part of the Tigers is that they are facing an acute shortage of manpower to man their bunker lines. The key success of the 57 division lies due to the concept adopted by the Army to attract more and more Tiger cadres towards the FDL and kill them without advancing into the Tiger territory.

During the year 2007 alone 1,322 Tiger cadres have been confirmed killed in the West of Vavuniya battle front. Apart from this 1107 were reportedly injured in these battles during these confrontations. During January 265 Tiger cadres have been killed. However, the LTTE is now maintaining secrecy on the figures on the number of Tiger cadres killed during confrontations and also by the Long Range Patrols of the Special Forces troops.

53 and 55 Divisions

The elite 53 Division was established under the guidance of the US Special Forces and operates under the latter’s tutelage. Comprising special forces commandos, an air mobile and a mechanized infantry unit, the 53 Division has spearheaded all major offensive operations against the Liberation Tigers. 53 Division was the only reserve Division Sri Lanka Army had earlier to engage in offensive operations.

53 Division was commanded by Brigadier Janaka Perera during the Eelam War III and consisting of the Independent Brigade, Air Mobile Brigade, Armoured Brigade and an Infantry Brigade.

In Jaffna, SF Commander Maj. Gen. G.A. Chandrasiri has ordered General Office Commander (GOC) 53 Division Brig. Samatha Suriyabandara and GOC 55 Division Brig. Kamal Gunarathne to advance on the LTTE defence line.

Three battle hardened Brigade Commanders attached to Muhamalai, Kilali and Nagarkovil, Col. Athula Kodippili, Col. Shantha Dissanayaka and Col. Nissanka Ranawake, respectively are leading the troops towards the enemy line.

The LTTE has appointed Theelepan as Jaffna military commander.

59 Division

The 59 Division which came into operation two weeks back has also started operations in Weli Oya removing Tiger threats in the Weli Oya sector. Within two weeks of operation the troops have been able to kill more than 20 Tiger cadres.

They are operating 10 Kilo metres wider front from Kokkuthuduvai and heading towards the North capturing vital Tiger locations in the Weli Oya sector.

The 59 Division under Brig. Nanda Uduwatte is is assisted by Brig. P.W.B. Jayasundera as Deputy General Officer Commanding (GOC) Weli Oya. Three Brigade Commands – 591, 592 and 593- have been established: Lt. Col. A.S. Ariyasinghe (Artillery) heads the 591 Brigade Command, Lt. Col. H.M. Peter Silva (Sinha) heads the 592 Brigade Command and Lt. Col. K.H.P.P. Fernando (Sinha) heads the 593 Brigade Command.

 Post subject: Army Commander Flies to Mannar & Wanni
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:21 pm 
Army Commander Flies to Mannar & Wanni
"Prabhakaran is good as dead" - Commander

The Commander said that a myth was created among the International Community to believe that the LTTE cannot be defeated and there is no alternative but to negotiate with the LTTE leader to usher peace. This myth has now been exploded. Prabhakaran's dream of "Eelam" based on the East are over with his leaders eliminated. Prabhakaran is "on the run" and the facade built around him has collapsed. He has issued orders to stop communications and has no place to hide as air strikes have followed him to his hideouts.

@ 26 Jan, 2008, SLA

In less than a week, Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, Commander of the Army on Friday (25) made his second tour to trouble-torn Mannar and Wanni areas with a view to taking stock of the latest developments pertaining to ongoing humanitarian operations.

Skirmishes between the troops and Tiger terrorists gather momentum with troops capturing Tiger (LTTE) strongholds day by day, constant and close supervision and assessment is regularly needed since hundreds of brave soldiers are committed for the cause.

During his stopover in Mannar, he talked to a cross section of the senior officers and other ranks serving the area and received a full-update inquiring into various aspects of welfare and needs of the soldiers if any.

In Mannar, he was received by Brigadier Shavindra Silva and Senior officers who joined the meeting, headed by the commander briefed him on the developments.

His stop at Wanni Headquarters in Vavuniya focused on unfolding security developments and matters of public concern in the wake of LTTE's "hit and run" tactics. On his arrival in Wanni he was briefed by Major General Lalith Daulagala.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka after evaluating the status-quo instructed his officers to further improve certain strategies, enabling the troops to face any enemy resistance in a better manner.

Commander and his retinue returned the same evening.

In the mean time, Lieutenant General Fonseka in a interview on the ITN "Thulawa" program last night spoke regarding a range security matters prevailing in the country.

The Commander stated that a myth was created among the International Community to believe that the LTTE cannot be defeated and there is no alternative but to negotiate with the LTTE leader to usher peace. This myth has now been exploded. Prabhakaran's dream of "Eelam" based on the East are over with his leaders eliminated Prabhakaran is "on the run" and the facade built around him has collapsed . He has issued orders to stop communications and has no place to hide as air strikes have followed him to his hideouts.

Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka when questioned whether Prabhakaran is living or dead answered that the question is irrelevant as he is good as dead. The Commander of the Army also stated that the LTTE is not "finished" yet but "weakened" sufficiently and it will take a little more time to eliminate terrorism completely.

He said about 15 terrorist are killed daily in Jaffna area and over 2500 killed in all operational areas so far. Troops are engaged in anti terrorist operations in the Mannar, Vavuniya, Jaffna, Trincomalee sectors whilst maintaining peace in the Eastern province. " Prabhakaran has lost not only LTTE "fighters" but also leaders at all levels" he said.

 Post subject: 17 Tamil Tigers killed on Friday
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:26 pm 
17 Tamil Tigers killed on Friday

Colombo, January 26, 2008
@ HT

At least 17 Tamil Tigers were killed in a series of battles with government soldiers in northern Sri Lanka, the military said on Saturday.

Fighting occurred along the frontlines in Vavuniya district throughout Friday, leaving 13 guerrillas of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) dead, said a defence ministry official.

Separate clashes in nearby Mannar district killed four insurgents and one soldier.

 Post subject: LTTE Sea Tiger "Nerve Center" Destroyed - SL Air F
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:41 pm 
LTTE Sea Tiger "Nerve Center" Destroyed - Sri Lanka Air Force
Sixteen LTTE killed and 11 wounded in Wanni front - Army

Saturday, January 26, 2008
@ PTI / SLA / Agencies

Sri Lankan air force jets bombed the Tamil Tiger rebels' naval headquarters Saturday while the group's sea wing leaders were holding a meeting there, the military said.

Pilots confirmed hitting the base near Puthukudiyiruppu village in rebel-held Mullaitivu district. The base was bombed because officials had received information that the sea wing leaders were meeting there, military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said.

Earlier, a defense official said the rebels' powerful naval chief, known as Soosai, was at the base during the bombing. Nanayakkara said, however, that Soosai's presence was possible but had not been confirmed.

According to Air Force sources, fighter jets carried out air sorties this afternoon targeting a covert meeting of Sea Tiger leaders and the attack has been carried out on real time ground intelligence. Fighter pilots have confirmed that the target was accurately hit, the Ministry said in a statement.

Sixteen LTTE members were killed and eleven wounded in fighting between LTTE and security forces at the tensed Wanni front today (January 26), military said.

Two tigers were killed at general area Vilathikulama, when troops intercepted an LTTE foot movement, at 12.30.p.m, reports stated.
Earlier, troops hit an identified LTTE mortar training base North of Palamoddai, with artillery fire at 11.30.a.m. According to Wanni ground sources, intercepted enemy communication has revealed that six tigers were killed and nine others injured during the attack.

In general area Madhu south, SLA soldiers advanced ahead of LTTE defences and directed attacks at a tractor transferring tigers killing six and injuring two others at 3.p.m, security sources said. The military said, two other LTTE were killed in a similar attack in general area East of Madhu, at 3.30.p.m.

Four black tigers arrested
Sunday, January 27, 2008

Four black tigers were arrested by Vavuniya police in Irattaperiyakulam on the 27th of January.
Preliminary investigations have revealed that these cadres were on a mission to eliminate a VVIP. The arrest was made after a senior LTTE cadre who was arrested in Colombo revealed the whereabouts of the tiger team. The suspect also revealed that four other black tigers from the same team were sent to Kandy on another mission. According to his information, the tiger team was residing in the 'Le Kandyan' hotel in Heerassagala, Kandy. A police team was immediately dispatched to arrest these cadres. However the tigers had vacated the hotel before the police could make the arrest.

 Post subject: The Military is shaping the battle
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:15 pm 
The Military is shaping the battle
Bloody Weekend In Sri Lanka, 82 tigers Killed
Tigers shell Palaly military base on Monday

The Army has opened up five fronts in the Wanni and the North to draw the Tigers into battle. Despite the Military’s superior combat power, it is not easy to dislodge the cadres who have conventional capability including artillery and mortar power and have dug in and mined the area heavily. The Military is shaping the battle and creating the conditions, until the right time and right place to go for the kill. Government military strategists believe that by killing Tigers in small numbers, the Army would be able to unsettle the LTTE, to strike hard later.


Monday, January 28, 2008
@ SLA / MCNS / Agencies

Tamil Tigers Monday (January 28, 2008) shelled Sri Lanka's main northern military base, disrupting a vital air link to the troubled region as the military said it killed 82 tigers over the weekend.

An aircraft carrying top defence officials and military brass was turned away from the Jaffna military airfield as the LTTE pounded the region with heavy artillery, officials said.

They said the Palaly airfield at the northern edge of the Jaffna peninsula was shut for military and civilian aircraft as the artillery fire and retaliatory strikes continued for about two hours.

"We heard heavy shelling for hours during the morning," a local resident in Jaffna said when contacted by telephone on Monday afternoon. Telephone lines to the area were disrupted while the firing was going on in the morning, residents said. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

"LTTE terrorists have launched indiscriminate artillery shelling targeting the Jaffna peninsula this morning," an official said. "About 15 shells had been fired," at the Palaly base, he said. "Counter attacks are taking place."

Thereafter the Sri Lankan Air Force fighter jets had bombed a LTTE artillery gun position at Kalmunai point, Pooneryn in Jaffna around 11:45 a.m. local time the officials said. The bombing came in addition to the heavy artillery and multi barrel rocket launcher fire at the tiger positions.

Aircraft pounded suspected artillery gun positions of the Tigers in the northern mainland, 16 miles (25 kilometres) away from the Palaly runway.

A military statement, meanwhile, said 39 suspected Tiger rebels had been killed in a string of separate clashes in the north of Sri Lanka on Sunday, on top of 43 killed on Saturday, pushing the weekend tiger toll to 82.

Since the start of the month, the ministry has claimed government forces have killed 748 rebels against just 28 soldiers.

Soldiers kill more Tigers Monday

Sri Lankan soldiers attacked Tiger bunkers in the embattled north on Monday, triggering battles that left 14 guerrillas and one soldier dead, the military said. Army troops captured six rebel bunkers early Monday in the village of Palaikkuli in Mannar district, southwest of the rebels' northern headquarters, killing seven guerrillas, a Defense Ministry official said. Fighting killed one soldier.

Hours later in the nearby Adampan village, soldiers clashed with a group of rebels, killing five of them, the official said. Later, a separate gunbattle killed two Tamil rebels in the same area, he said.

 Post subject: The army is on a roll
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 12:21 pm 
The army is on a roll

The army is advancing slowly into LTTE held territory in the north, inflicting several hundred casualties and capturing LTTE bunkers and ammo supplies. Dozens of LTTE bunkers have been captured and troops have advanced over 20 kilometers in some places. The army believes it is on a roll, and is planning to keep this up. The LTTE is believed to have only a few thousand armed fighters left, and these are suffering from a shortage of ammunition and morale. The Tamil minority, from which the LTTE came, is also war-weary. Outnumbered more than five-to-one in terms of population, the Tamil rebels have been weakened by growing opposition to the LTTE terror and insistence on fighting on. If the Sri Lankan army doesn't crush the LTTE soon, internal dissent may do the job first. - StrategyPage

Saturday, February 02, 2008
@ Agencies/ CDN / MCNS

Viyattankulam Falls as Troops Encircle Adampan
28th of January 2008

Troops of advancing Brigade-56 in Mannar advancing east from the general area Manthai and Thiruketheeswaram Kovil captured Vaiyattamkulam which was the last village under LTTE control in the Adampan area. "Vaiyattamkulam was located 1km towards the west of Adampan and the Security Forces destroyed 10 LTTE bunkers while killing 10 Tiger cadres," Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said. He said the fight lasted for two hours and the Security Forces successfully retaliated the LTTE resistance forcing them to flee the area.

In another confrontation, according to Brigadier Nanayakkara, the Security Forces smashed the LTTE bunkers located in the South of Pallekuli and overran six LTTE bunkers 28th morning. “LTTE communication intercepts revealed that the Tigers lost 12 of their cadres,” he added. Troops recovered five bodies of LTTE cadres and a T56 assault riffle, three claymore mines, 70 60mm ammunition and a large stock of T56 ammunition.

20 civilians killed in Madhu
29th of January 2008

20 people including 11 school children, one school principal and two school teacher were killed and 17 others injured in the general area of Madhu today. The children and teachers from the Thachchanamarandamadu school fell victim to at least two high-powered IEDs while traveling in a bus along Palampiddi - Madhu road around 2.25pm. The bus then skidded off the road and hit a nearby tree. The Tigers were quick to accuse the Army's LRRP alias 'Deep Penetration Unit' for the attack. The claim was flatly denied by the SLA.

Forces smash LTTE defences in Muhamalai and Nagarkovil
30th of January 2008

The 53 and 55 Brigade Divisions launched a fierce attack on the LTTE manning FDL's in Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali. "Around 12.45 am the Security Forces advanced from their FDL's in the Muhamalai area and smashed the LTTE bunkers in their first attack", Military spokesman said. " 20 bunkers were destroyed and around 20 LTTE cadres killed ", he told. The LTTE withdrew to the second FDL's. The Security Forces launched another attack on the LTTE’s second FDLs in Muhamalai and Nagarkovil with T55 tanks and destroyed 10 LTTE bunkers while killing 10 Tiger cadres. LTTE communication intercepts confirmed that 10 LTTE cadres were killed in the skirmishes”, Brigadier Nanayakkara said. Several hours later, SLAF jets dropped at least 4 bombs on a Tiger Field Command Post at Wedukaadu, 2km south of Tiger FDL Muhamalai.
The total casualties (KIA) in the LTTE could be around 35. At least a dozen soldiers with serious injuries were also admitted to hospital.

Suicide Bomb attack in Jaffna - 04 killed
Thursday, January 31, 2008

A suicide bomber blew himself killing three civilians and injuring 17 others in Thirunalweli, Jaffna on 30th morning. The suicide bomber who arrived in a bicycle exploded himself at around 11.20 a.m. at a civilian location in Thirunalweli. It was reported that the suicide bomber had short-circuited, killing the assassin before achieving an unknown target.

Meanwhile, three other civilians including a woman were killed by an unidentified group in Mirisuvil, Chavakachcheri, Jaffna.

LTTE cadres surrendered
Friday, February 01, 2008

Nine LTTE cadres surrendered to the Murunkan road block manned by the Security Forces last morning. “The surrendered LTTE cadres told the Security Forces that they were compelled to leave their outfit following unbearable hardship and harassment they had to undergo,” a spokesman for the Media Centre for National Security said. The Tiger cadres reached the Murankan road block crossing the Yoda Tank.

The Security Forces launched an attack in the Northern front destroying Tiger bunkers in the Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali Forward Defence Lines. Ten Tiger bunkers were completely destroyed and 10 LTTE cadres were killed. Security Forces attacked LTTE FDLs in Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilali around 5.45 am. Two soldiers were killed and six others sustained injuries in the incident.

 Post subject: Limited offensives in Wanni and Jaffna
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 8:41 am 
Limited offensives in progress in Wanni and Jaffna

According to the reports received form all the battlefronts in the Jaffna and Wanni, from the 31st of January to 3rd February, 132 LTTE were killed so far and over 50 others suffered injuries during the limited offensives conducted by the security forces.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Military reports indicate that 39 Tigers were killed during the offensives undertaken by Sri Lanka army against LTTE in the Island's Northern Province yesterday (February 3, 2008). Also, one soldier was killed and two others suffered injuries during the clashes, the reports further revealed.

In the Jaffna, troops attacked LTTE bunkers and engaged artillery and heavy mortar fire at the LTTE defences in the Muhamalai and Kilaly areas during the day time yesterday. According to the ground sources 05 LTTE were killed in these incidents. Also, one soldier suffered injuries during the retaliatory fire and was admitted to the Palaly base hospital.

Separately, snipers deployed in the Kilaly area claimed that one LTTE was killed around 11.50, last forenoon.

In the Wanni theatre of battle, troops conducted limited offensives in the Vavuniya, Mannar and Welioya battlefronts giving heavy beating to the terrorists.

On the Vavuniya front, troops engaged the terrorists in the Periyapantrichchurichchan, Koilmoddai, and Kallikulam areas during the course of the day. Ground troops confirmed that 24 terrorists were killed in these battles. Also, one soldier was killed and another suffered injuries during the confrontation that took place at Periyapantrichchurichchan.

In Mannar, troops attacked terror positions in the Madhu area in two separate incidents killing 7 LTTE during the day.

Meanwhile on the Welioya front, LTTE radio transmissions revealed that 2 members were killed and another injured in a confrontation that took place in the area west of Janakapura on the same day evening.

 Post subject: 30 LTTE Bunkers Destroyed; 12 Tigers Killed - Nagarkovil
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:55 am 
30 LTTE Bunkers Destroyed; 12 Tigers Killed - Nagarkovil
LTTE employs desperate tactics

According to SL Army reports, troops with the assistance of T-55 battle tanks completely destroyed four LTTE bunkers in Nagarkovil, ten bunkers to the north of A-9 and 16 bunkers in Kilali area. On Tuesday, troops forced into LTTE positions ahead of Parappakandal defences killing at least 19 militants including a woman LTTE leader, Sudarmalar, and wounding over 30 others, the defence ministry said.


During the last four days alone close to fifty innocent civilians were killed in ghastly bomb explosions in Dambulla, the Fort Railway station and Welioya. By doing so and resorting to absolute terror tactics the LTTE has shown desperation on its part as well. The constant bombardments by the Airforce and attacks by the Deep Penetration Units have carried terror into the very heart of the Tiger leadership. At a time when General Denzil Kobbekaduwa was on his way to defeating the Tigers and eradicating terrorism in the late eighties India intervened and stopped his forward march and virtually bailed out Prabhakaran. This time around it remains to be seen whether Lt. General Sarath Fonseka who was a leading officer in General Kobbekaduwa’s campaign in Jaffna at that time would be able to bring a conclusion to that effort. - DM

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jaffna: 30 LTTE Bunkers Destroyed; 12 Tigers Killed
Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sri Lanka Army destroyed 30 bunkers in Jaffna this morning killing 12 LTTE cadres. Five soldiers too had received injuries.

Troops in Jaffna FDLs stormed the LTTE bunkers ahead of them this morning (06 Feb) at about 5.30 a.m. and razed 30 bunkers to the ground while killing at least 12 terrorists in close combat. According to SL Army reports, troops with the assistance of T-55 battle tanks completely destroyed four LTTE bunkers in Nagarkovil, ten bunkers to the north of A-9 and 16 bunkers in Kilali area. One Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG), one T-56 weapon, five magazines, two pouches and a large number of other LTTE items were recovered by the troops after the incident. A larger number of Tigers were reported injured in the incident.

A transformer at an electricity grid sub-station at Arachchikattuwa in Chilaw was destroyed in an explosion in the early hours of this morning (Feb. 06th). Police blamed the LTTE for the explosion.

Air Force fighter jets pounded LTTE leaders’ gathering place in Thiruvaiaru, 1km North West of Iranamadu tank at 8.30am today.

A statement by the Defence Ministry claimed 29 LTTE cadres were killed while another 14 were wounded during the clashes at Vavuniya, Mannar and Weli-Oya defences on Wednesday. Eight soldiers were killed and 22 were injured in clashes.

Air Force bomb LTTE targets
Seven sailors and their speedboat missing
Heavy fighting in Welioya, Mannar and Vavuniya fronts
Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On Tuesday, the Air Force claimed to have destroyed two Tiger targets in the north in a series of raids. The first target was based on real-time ground information that indicated "intensified terror activity" there.
The Defence Ministry said jets raided one of the “main strategic command and control centres” of the LTTE located Northwest of Puthukudiruppu, Keevellikulam in the Mullaithivu district. State intelligence later confirmed at least 17 LTTE cadres including several leaders were killed while the administration centre was completely destroyed.

On the evening of the same day, another raid was carried out by the Air Force about 0.5 Kilometre south of Karadiyabokku junction, north of Kilinochchi targeting an Area Commanders Office and a Communications Base. Intelligence reports claimed that three LTTE leaders were killed and many cadres were injured in these strikes. However, the pro-LTTE TamilNet said two civilians were killed and two wounded when the jets bombed a suburb of Kilinochchi town, firing air burst bombs over the U.N. compound area with civilian settlements, 100 metres from UNICEF office near Kandasamy temple.

Separately, Seven Sri Lankan sailors and their speedboat were missing Tuesday following a sea battle with Tamil Tiger rebels near the maritime border with India.

The Navy said two of its coastal patrol craft were fired upon by a boat that came along with a “cluster of Indian Fishing vessels in the Gulf of Mannar” on Monday. It said one of the boats pretended to be in distress and requested assistance. When approached, the boats opened fire at the Navy vessel. "We suspect Tigers had taken the cover of Indian fishermen to attack the naval craft," the official said.

A Navy spokesman said the LTTE may have “hijacked” the Indian vessel or its cadre were disguised as fishermen. He claimed that 200 to 300 Indian fishing trawlers enter Sri Lankan waters a week despite the presence of the powerful Indian Navy and the Coast Guard on the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) between the two countries.

Heavy fighting was reported from Welioya, Mannar and Vavuniya fronts on Tuesday. Army web site reported at least 44 tigers were killed in these clashes. According to the same report, Nine soldiers were killed and 24 were injured on Tuesday fighting.

''One sq km in LTTE controlled areas was captured by army troops on Tuesday in the north of Parappakandal in Mannar amidst heavy damage to the militants,'' a defence ministry official said. Troops forced into LTTE positions ahead of Parappakandal defences killing at least 19 militants including a woman LTTE leader and wounding over 30 others, the defence ministry said. According to intelligence intercepts, an LTTE woman area leader Sudarmalar and 18 rebels were killed during the confrontation. Several LTTE bunkers were destroyed while troops overran LTTE positions ahead of Parappakandal, Mannar. The advancing troops were assisted with heavy artillery and multi barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) fire directed at LTTE positions, security sources said. Over 30 LTTE cadres were wounded in the ground advance.

20 Tigers killed - Military
Monday, February 04, 2008

The military announced that on Monday 20 more Tigers were killed in new fighting between the authorities and Tamil Tigers. According to military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara, the rebels were killed in 10 different clashes in Vavuniya, Welioya and Mannar on Monday.

On Monday, the day of the independence, 10 civilians and 05 soldiers were killed by LTTE using a roadside bomb attack on a civilian bus in Welioya region. Also on Monday another roadside bomb attack in the town of Buttalla killed a soldier and wounded two others. Read More

President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressed the nation saying that the terrorists will be destroyed. He said: “Our defense forces have achieved victories that were never before seen. Terrorism is facing a defeat that it has never before faced.” Read More

Suicide bomber kills 15 civillians
Sunday, February 03, 2008

On Sunday a LTTE suicide bomber exploded at Colombo’s main railrway station (Fort) killing 15 people and injuring over 100. Many of the killed were school children including seven students from the D.S, Senanaya College, Colombo.

Fighting along the front lines in the north killed 36 rebels and one soldier Sunday, the military said . The rebels were not available for comment. Read More

LTTE bus bomb kills 18 civillians, mostly Buddhist pilgrims
Saturday, February 02, 2008

A bomb explosion inside a private bus, traveling to the north-central town of Anuradhapura from Kandy in the central hills, parked at the Dambulla bus stand, killed at least 18 civillians and over 50 wounded. The bomb that ripped the had been planted by two people who had boarded the bus from Matale and got off at Naula, according to police. The military blamed Tamil Tigers for the blast. Read More

 Post subject: Fall of most LTTE defence lines imminent
 Post Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 9:03 pm 
Fall of most LTTE defence lines imminent
Military strategy proven to be success

"The Tigers had a well organised network in Colombo established under the guise of the Ceasefire Agreement by planting their cadres as members of the Tamil families living in Colombo. If not for the strict measures taken by the Security Forces, by conducting cordon and search operations on a regular basis and also removing unwanted people from Colombo mainly from Colombo lodges the city would have witnessed a much bigger carnage months back at a time when Security Forces recorded their victories in the East. Those who shed crocodile tears over the arrest of suspicious Tamils and also raised their voice against the strict security measures in Colombo should also share the responsibility of creating an insecure environment in Colombo before they point a finger at the Security Forces and the Police." - CDN

In the mean time, the strength of the Sri Lankan army is being beefed up as the battle for the Tamil Tiger stronghold of Wanni enters a "decisive stage". According to Military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara, the army had recruited about 3,000 men since the beginning of this year. "The number of recruits in the army last year was 34,000 with its total strength touching 150,000," he said. He placed the combined strength of the three services at over 2,00,000. (PTI)


Thursday, February 07, 2008
LTTE bodies and weapons recovered

Sri Lankan military says at least 34 LTTE cadres were killed and more than 24 others injured in separate clashes in the northern and eastern regions of the island on Thursday. A spokesman at the MCNS told AIR that twenty eight of them were gunned down in confrontation with the army in Mannar, Vavuniya and Weli-Oya areas.

The Security Forces launched another offensive on LTTE defence lines in Nagarkovil and Muhamalai destroying six Tiger bunkers and killing five LTTE cadres including an area leader. “A fierce fight had lasted for 30 minutes and troops successfully confronted with the LTTE cadres and destroyed six bunkers, four in Nagarkovil and another two in Muhamalai,” a military spokesman said. A soldier was killed and five others were injured in the ambush.

Navy personnel on foot patrol in jungles of Peraru, Trincomalee confronted a group of LTTE killing two and recovering weapons on Thursday around 8.p.m., security sources said. Navy personnel recovered the two slain LTTE bodies and few warlike materials.


The Army targeted 4 LTTE boats in the Thannikilappu Jaffna with Artillery fire around 6.45 p.m. on Thursday. Intercepted LTTE communications have confirmed that four cadres in a boat were also killed when the boat was destroyed by artillery fire. Debris of the sunk LTTE boat were seen floating as early as Friday (8) morning.

In the mean time, an army captain, a soldier and a Buddhist monk were arrested for having close links with a top LTTE leader named Ramesh, alias Charles, who was reportedly involved in the recent bomb blasts in Colombo and the suburbs.Read more
Police investigationing ithe seizure of suicide jackets in Mabole, Wattala arrested 3 priests from fundamentalist religious sects and recovered many suicide kits.Read more

Friday, February 08, 2008
Army capture area south of Adampan Tank, Tigers leave 12 dead bodies

Army claimed that they captured the area south of Adampan Tank today at approximately 10.00a.m.. Tigers had to retreat leaving twelve of the dead cadres behind. Two government soldiers were killed and five more wounded in the latest fighting.

The defence ministry said 25 Tamil Tiger rebels were killed in heavy fighting on Friday, while the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) reported they had killed 22 troopers.

Saturday, February 09, 2008
46 killed in fresh violence

At least 42 LTTE Tamil tigers and four security personnel were killed in fresh bloodletting. Over 1,000 rebels tigers have died since the government decided to end a six-year-old tattered ceasefire from January 16.

In Periyapatrichurichchan in Northern Vavuniya, troops killed 15 tigers on Saturday, the military said. Three soldiers also laid their lives in the confrontation while seven others sustained injuries. As many as 4 militants were killed in clashes in Chettikulam, Ittikandal and Naedunkandal In North-western Mannar. One soldier was killed in Adampan MCNS said. Separately, in Kokkuthuduvai in North-eastern Welioya, troops killed 3 LTTE cadres in a clash on Saturday, MCNC said.

At Kovilmode and Navatkulam area in Northern Wanni, security personnel killed 3 rebels on Saturday. In another incident, six militants were killed in three separate incidents in Vavuniya the MCNS said. Separate confrontations that took place in Periyapantrichurichchan and Umayaratuvarankulam areas in Vavuniya left three militants dead.
At Muhalame in Jaffna peninsula, troops killed 5 militants in a clash on Saturday; the MCNS said adding 3 other militants were killed in separate attacks in Nagarkovil and Muhamale last evening.

Army Chief Lt General Sarath Fonseka on Saturday visited the area for a first-hand assessment as troops on north-west Mannar front increased pressure on Adampan. "As the army advanced on LTTE positions, the LTTE, in a desperate bid to trigger a clash near Madhu church Saturday fired 81 mm mortars at troops deployed" nearby, the Defence Ministry said. The army said troops had not targeted LTTE firing positions near the historic shrine.

Sunday, February 10, 2008
Wekend death toll 73, including six soldiers

Separate fighting on Sunday in Vavuniya, Jaffna and Mannar left 27 guerrillas dead, MCNS said Monday. Those deaths brought the weekend death toll to 73, including six soldiers, according to military figures.

Eight militants were killed in Kallikulam area of Northern Vavuniya in fresh clashes on Sunday, the army said. Separately six Tigers militants gunned down in Mullikulam area. In another confrontation at Janakpura in North-Eastern Welioya, 2 militants were killedon Sunday, the MCNS said. In subsequent clashes in the same area at least four militants were killed on Sunday. One soldier was also killed in the incident. Further, security forces killed 3 LTTE at Sirikulam in North-western Mannar and gunned down another 2 in Karampaikulam area on Sunday.

Monday, February 11, 2008
Roadside bomb blast kills 2 policemen, Ten soldiers killed in Welioya

LTTE detonated a roadside bomb in Vavuniya early Monday (7:50 a.m), killing two police officers. The attackers set off the blast as the police officers drove by on a motorbike, said military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara. Ten soldiers also lost their lives during a confrontation in Welioya on Monday, the defence ministry said.

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