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 Post subject: Astrology holds sway over Sri Lanka
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:16 pm 
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Astrology holds sway over Sri Lanka

Astrologers play a significant role in the lives of Sri Lankan people from the Tamil and Sinhala communities. Belief in the stars is widespread in Sri Lanka where people routinely sit down to start work on the first day of a new job at auspicious times set by astrologers. Even many politicians follow astrology, right up to heads of state.

By Roland Buerk
© BBC News, Colombo - Dec 2008

People in many countries believe in astrology, but horoscopes have a particularly enthusiastic following in Sri Lanka. Many consult astrologers when choosing marriage partners, on when to start new jobs, or even to find out the auspicious time to leave their house in the morning. And politicians are said to be heavily influenced by the stars too.

At a wedding hall in Colombo, a bride and groom are sitting on a stage brightly decorated with paintings of Hindu gods. At their feet, several Hindu priests are breaking coconuts and lighting oil lamps, performing rituals to invoke blessings on the couple. The invitation was very precise, the ceremony would take place at what was described as the auspicious time of 1109 local time, as set by astrologers. It was an arranged marriage, and astrology had been a key factor in deciding whether Vijayaruban and Umaranjini should wed. Their horoscopes had been examined to see if they were compatible.

"It matched 85% or something," said Vijayaruban. "So it is a good thing. Both sets of parents are happy and we are happy."

If the horoscopes had not been so attuned, he added, the family would have tried to find another girl for him to marry.

Astrological passport

Astrologers play a significant role in the lives of Sri Lankan people from the Tamil and Sinhala communities. Eshwaran Kurukkal is the sixth generation in his family to perform the task, which is combined with priestly duties such as officiating at weddings. He is a member of the Brahmin caste.

Every day, but especially on auspicious days, people come to visit him in his consulting rooms in his suburban Colombo house. The astrologer wears traditional dress - a white sarong with a purple and gold border. He is bare-chested, with gold necklaces and diamond stud earrings.

His long hair is pulled back, and his wrists, elbows, shoulders and forehead have three white stripes, marked with powder. Mr Eshwaran is examining a client's horoscope, a printed book about the size of a passport. Inside there are sections for name, names of parents, and the positions of the stars and planets at the date and precise time of birth. Many people keep the documents throughout their lives.

"We think if we didn't write a horoscope for a child when the child was born, it would be a very big sin," says Mr Eshwaran. "That is important, more important than a birth certificate."

Political star gazers

Belief in the stars is widespread in Sri Lanka where people routinely sit down to start work on the first day of a new job at auspicious times set by astrologers. Even many politicians follow astrology, right up to heads of state.

"[Former president Ranasinghe] Premadasa was very much aware of astrological predictions for him, and would very often make his actions commensurate with that," says Bradman Weerakoon, who served as secretary or advisor to nine Sri Lankan leaders. Mr Weerakoon says he is sure that Sri Lanka's first woman prime minister, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, was astrologically inclined and that current President Mahinda Rajapaksa is also "perhaps moved that way". "I am sure elections, dates of elections and so on are very often set on politicians getting their horoscopes read and finding out what is the best time for them." Of the leaders he has encountered, Mr Weerakoon says only opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe does not seem to be inclined towards astrology.

'Hero king'

It is to astrologer Sumanadasa Abeygunawardene that many politicians have turned. He says he even advised President Rajapaksa on the auspicious time to leave his house in the deep south to vote in the 2005 elections in which he became Sri Lanka's leader. "Twenty-five years back, I said there would be a hero king from Ruhuna, Matara, now he's the one, we believe, President Mahinda Rajapaksa," said Mr Abeygunawardene.
"So President Rajapaksa's horoscope is a powerful one. He is the one who will bring development to the country. He will defeat the enemies and terrorists."

Mr Abeygunawardene said he had seen the horoscope of Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader of the Tamil Tigers. He said the rebel's horoscope was more powerful than those of previous Sri Lankan presidents, but Mahinda Rajapaksa's was stronger still.

Back in the wedding hall, Vijayaruban and Umaranjini were just hoping their marriage would be successful. Even though they did not know each other very well, they were confident they will have a happy life together.

It was, after all, written in the stars.

Story from BBC NEWS:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/w ... 783842.stm
Published: 2008/12/22 / © BBC MMVIII

 Post subject: Astrology For Better Life...
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:55 pm 
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Astrology For Better Life...

From Astrology we can determine our past Kamma forces. Kamma means what we did in our past lives. So we can know negative & positive effects of kamma. With kamma, planet's negative or positive radiations also effect to our life. In astrology planet represent past kamma forces & such radiations. Combining of these two type of effects, known as Dasha Periods. Good Astrologers can use many modern, herbal & Astrological ways for reduce negative effects.

@ LankaWisdom.com / Dec 2008

Problems with Planet's radiations & Neggative kamma forces
From Astrology we can determine our past Kamma forces. Kamma means what we did in our past lives. So we can know negative & positive effects of kamma. With kamma, planet's negative or positive radiations also effect to our life. In astrology planet represent past kamma forces & such radiations. Combining of these two type of effects, known as Dasha Periods. There have main dasha & sub dasha periods with each of planets. It also have chart but it is too complex & you need to consult good Astrologer for know your dasha periods. Astrologers make Tathkala birth chart for give answer to only one question when person ask question from Astrologer. Also this called as watching Nimitta. Tathkala birth chart help to determine how planets are going on current space according to particular birth chart. Some Astrologers used clock as Tathkala birth chart. There have many birth chart reading ways in many countries & many cultures. People visit Astrologers when they need to check their birth charts. However this is mind science hence before you visit Astrologer you must do below activities, for get better help from them :
    Before the day visit Astrologer, evening do Bodhi puja and give merits to gods
    Since three days before the visit Astrologer, you must concentrate your mind from simple meditation
    It is good visit Astrologers in morning times than after 12pm
    The day visit Astrologer, in morning, worship to triple gem and give merit to your istha devathas
    Ask less than three questios in clear mind from your Astrologer
It is good parent must watch their child's birth chart from good Astrologer before he getting old. Cause from it we can understand child's weak points, sick, personality problems and many more things. Then we can use many modern, herbal & Astrological ways for reduce negative effects. We have experiences lot of people lost home, properties and higher education because they didn't watch their birth chart in small ages or before such problem happened. Some Astrologers make fear people with their dasha periods. But in every negative effects have positive effects too. As a example, Moon main dasha & Kuja sub dasha normally gives strong mental stress. But we can use this time for attain religion developments. There have religious methods for cut down negative dasha periods or their effects. However some powerful kamma forces can't cut down from anyway, so you need to accept those from patient mind. In Sri Lanka these activities belongs to Buddhism. Below chart tells what we want to do in dasha periods in each of planets. For this activities Astrology use many techniques for drop down negative kamma,
    Use color thoery : some colors motivate our brain power & mind power.
    Gaining big meirts from Buddhism for reduce negative kamma forces. So it will make hidden negative kamma forces. Also if it help to invite powerful positive past kammas. Bodhi puja is such common merit activity.
    Absorb high positive planet radiation to body via gems.
    Wear Amulets ( Yantras) : adsorb positive radiation from planets, cut off negative planet radiations & attract things like as money, people, lands, etc...
    Use Mantras, sounds & blessing poems : some sounds have ability for gain or attract things.
    Use Collyrium : From collyrium, we can know correct reason for our problems. Use some mantras for absorb divining for crystals, oil lamp, water glass, etc...
    Get help from gods or goddess who live in planet earth & six heavens. This done when there have big nagative kamma forces which can't reduce with human powers.
    Doing simple but powerful Mind-Body exercises for get help from own mind power.
    Put water to particular trees : some trees have link with some planets.
    Listern to relaxation tones such as Gayatri Mantra.
    Some traditional Astrologers get help from devils & hungry ghosts, but this is not recommended. Cause some devils & ghosts come inside your body & control or mix up your whole life.
Bodhi Puja is common merit work done by very Buddhist & other religious person for cure planet problems. Hence we decide to tell you how we can do right Bodhi puja. Before do body puja you must wash your body & clean your body & mouth. You must prepare fresh clean water mix with some sweet smells or flowers like picha into pitcher. also you need flowers, incense sticks & oil lamps for do Bodhi puja. This puja done for as respect to unlimited wisdom of Lord Buddha, this wisdom attained near the Bodhi three. It is good you choose temple with lack of people. After you prepare those goods & you must wear white or yellow color cloths. Firstly you must offer flower basket in front of Bodhi three, light oil lamps & incense sticks. After that little time you must do simple meditation. Then you can say Buddha worshiping gathas or you can recall those from your mind. Then you must take water pitcher into hand, go around the Bodhi tree & while recall nine virtuous sentences of Lord Buddha, you want to put little water drops to roots of Bodhi tree in four directions. Till water pitcher become finish you must recall virtue powers of Buddha. After that you can sit down and say loudly Buddhist sutta such as KaraniyaMetta, Ratana, MahaMangala, AnattmaLakkana, DamsakPawatum, etc... for this you can used Buddhist books. Then again you must meditate some time such as 15 minutes then want to transfer did merits to gods. While do Bodhi puja it is good concentrate sounds of leaves & feel the environmental beauti. You must use at least one hour to do right Bodhi puja. Stupa Puja also same as this but you don't use water, only uses flowers, incense sticks & oil lamps. Stupa is building which have noble relics of Lord Buddha or noble Sangha. Every Bodhi tree, temple or stupa protected by particular god therefore while you do Bodhi puja, you can get attraction of this god too. This is powerful merit work can done by every one without waste money. For do advance Bodhi puja for particular planets, you must consult your family Astrologer. Bodhi Puja & Stupa Puja help to : reduce stress, increase creativity, gain big merit, invite past powerful positive kamma & cure sicknesses.

Horoscopes Matching For Happy Marry Life
People like to match stars when they are going to marry. From Astrology we can reduce powers of unmatching areas via mere merit activities and from simple meditation. So no need to give up love affairs or destroy your family life cause of unmatching birth charts. From Astrology we can match both couple's character problems, child problems, sex problems, loving kindness, house troubles and many more via their two birth charts. In Sri Lankan Astrology uses 20 matching Areas called Porondam for matching couple birth charts. Also Astrolgers need to check dhasa periods, birth nakaths and planet matching in their birth charts. However it is important bhava places for marriage life are 2nd, 4th & 7th. Esp: 7th place say about marry, life partners, sex and mutual partnerships. 2nd place belongs to family wealth while 4th places belongs to homes, lands & other properties. Therefore people who have negative planets such as mars, moon, saturn, rahu or katu in 7th place must need to consult their family Astrologer before choose life partner. It is said only 20 porondam or other planets matching, not enough for happy family life but also need good family handling skills such as knowing social problems, emotional control, offering time for each other, be a patient, understand other ones weaknesses & be a kind. Marriage is not simple task, cause we find someone as our partner who need to stay long time with us. So it is good we consult our parent, elder ones & teachers for our marriage life as well as Astrologers. Even there have less matchings in 20 porandam, but both partners birth charts can have powerful planet combinations which leads to happy family life. Each porondam said about some fact about house hold life. As example :
    Mahandra porondam said about future family troubles cause of angry or proud
    Vrusha said about children and body chemical problems for child birth
    Graha porandam said about how each other attract in family life
    Varna porandam said about each partner's unique skills need to family life such as cooking, talking, loving, etc...
    Nadi porandam said each partner's body conditions for cure sicknesses
    Ausha porandam tells about life time of marriage with external problems such as money
House Science ( Vaastu Dosa)
Other area in Astrology is, from birth chart we can know how spaces link with our body health, wealth, marry, decision making & businesses. Basic space is our home & then extended into land, ponds, in-house waterfalls & trees. Way we keep rooms, house plan and household goods are help to influence decision making in our life. There have universal energy patterns which we want to respect. These are magnetic and electric energy pattern in planet earth & other planet's radiations. Your land should be square or rectangle than other patterns, for right absorbe positive energies from universe. Therefore before making house - it is good to design right house plan according to your birth chart, build house in positive time and do religious activities in house. Some trees absorb negative planet radiations which is negative for your birth chart. Some people's mind confuse with seeing waterfalls or water flowers. Sometimes color of walls or tiles also help to make confuse our mind. These troubles also can cure from mere merit activities and from simple meditations or mind power. So no need to change places, get sad or cut down some trees. Results of bad house design and vastu dosha are :
    House members become sick, esp. children
    Gloomy or dark seen inside the home
    Family problems take place
    Bad smells spread inside house and garden
    Decision making & children's education become unsuccessful
Also house problems come into our life cause of devils, hungry ghost and other evil powers. Some died relations come to our homes then make problems till we give them merit transfers. Also cause of Spell Bindings (Bandana), troubles occurs in household life. Bandana are doing by jealous people to you, via mantra sciences, by binding inhuman beings to trouble you. Lot of times house problems takes place cause of - Cooking large amount of meat, fish or eggs; Bad smells; Home is not clean; People behave opposite to five precepts & Having lot of pets. To remove these troubles we may need stay with Metta mind, do Buddhist pujas in home, chant parittas, observe five precepts, giving alms to monks in home, doing pujas for gods & goddesses and keep sweet odors or flower air fresheners in every rooms. Every Bandana must be cut by Buddhist way or get help from gods. Otherwise house member's money, happy and health will destroy by inhumans daily till your life over.

Auspicious Times (Aster or Suba Nakath)
Auspicious Times or Nakaths times are consider as best times for start some esp: works. There have 28 Nakaths. Nakaths are stars other than sun which include in zodiac signs. These stars located around the zodiac signs or with zodiac signs. Sometimes planet themselves include in nakath stars. Sri Lankan people use nakath times for start new things such as Build a house, Teach alphabet for new born babies, Marry, Going to new job, Start a business, etc...In universe have some time periods which are consider as best times. Some times are certain and steady time while some have time periods. These every times belongs to some planets. Astrology use birth chart to determine such times. When some born, he got Nakath as same as birth chart. It is called as Birth Nakath. Also his or her birth chart, every planet have own nakath times. However prepare right & pure nakath time, Astrology consider where sun & moon in sky on related day. Cause moon is the best planet for determine nakath or best times. Moon represent lower mind while sun represent upper mind. This both minds help to make success our works. If you are trust about nakath times it is good you use such good times from good Astrologer. It is tell any bad times can destroy by start work with rising sun and stop with sun down. Also your istha devata or your liked gods or goddesses can help you to success your works. Lord Buddha said seen Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha or listen to Dhamma talks are most auspicious times to Buddhist person. Here are main sinhala nakaths. Also nakaths are very important in matching for marry.

However from our experiences, we know that start something in best nakath times means not to 100% success. It only gives mind suggestion that it has possibility to success. To success some task we need clear plan, good maintaining, good management skills, positive mind and steady courage. More than nakath times, it is good to start some works with religious activities such as :
    Worship triple gem & Observe five precepts
    Give donations to Buddhist monks as blessing
    Give some donations to poor family with children
    Say Parittas : Mangala Sutta, Karaniya Metta Sutta, Ratana Sutta
    Give merit to gods then ask blessings, Do deva puja then ask help from your liked gods or goddesses
    Get advices from person who did same task before
    Do truth actions by truth of Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha, that your new task to become success!
Dream Analysis and Istha Devathas
People see dreams every night. Some dreams saw cause of our loss life goals, some dreams see with sicknesses or climate changes. But Astrological Dreams see after mid night between 1am to 6am. These dreams tell by gods or inhuman creatures such as hungry ghosts or devils, who are friendly with you. They make you saw dreams about your future plans, coming troubles, new ideas and remedy for current problems. Some times our own mind power make show us dream about our future according to our past life kamma forces. Our past lives relations and friends who did more merit might born as gods or goddesses. Those are seen us, help us by telling our future troubles in dream. These gods are called Istha Devatha or Head Upon Gods. We had met lot of people who saw ishtha devata in dream. Some are seen as dead relations as they stayed way or normal cloths in when they stay with us before their deaths. Some are seen as white cloths, white radiation, sometimes from only mind sound, rare times wearing cloths of luminous colors of yellow, pink, orange, blue, light green, with flowers in head. From our birth chart we can see that we can encounter helping from ishtha devathas. These istha devathas help us to do merits, observe precepts & remove evil creatures, so if we don't do those merit things they go away from us. Our experinces say sometime istha devathas help even we live in another countries. When we face some problems in near future, they show it as : dirty or uncanny water in dream, burn out Buddha lamp(not dream), white snakes(not dream), etc... Good things saw as white clean water, trees of full of fruits or flowers in dream, meet good friends in real life, etc...
For see these dreams you must stay with religious activities such as below :

    In your house, worship triple gem with flowers, incense sticks & oil lamps
    Do Bodhi puja in correct way in every once a week
    Give monthly alms or monks cloths or other wanted donations to temple
    Clean the area in temple, stupa & Bodhi tree
    Do stupa puja with white flowers in morning or evening
    Give money for safe or help to safe some animal who set in death for meat
    Give donations to poor family
    Say Maha Mangala sutta, Ratana sutta & Karaniya Metta sutta once time in home in every days
    Doing meditation of recall nine virtue powers of Lord Buddha
    Keep your mind without angry or more lust feelings
    Reading Buddhist books
    Before the sleep, relax your mind from silent music or asking parittas

Sound Science (Mantras)There have some powers in some sounds and some words. This powers can be intend to positive or negative sides. As a example sound of "s" & "san" consider as sounds of gods. It means gods are like these sounds. Word "Saroga" consider as such positive words. In Hindu tradition people say some poems with such positive sound to for get attraction of gods & bless ownself. Sound "Ru" consider as negative sound & therefore word such as "Rudha" consider as negative word. Those negative sounds help to get attraction of ghosts & devil. Also such sounds can destroy properties of family members. Mantras are combination words of such powerful sounds & words. Some Astrologers use mantras of such negative sounds to bond ghosts & devils then those evil beings are used to do some bad works. But from powerful positive mantras we can attain or attract money, properties, happy & power. Below have such poem which has lot of positive sounds. It used to get attraction of gods in Saturn & remove negative powers of that planet.

    Nìlànjana samàbhasan - Ravi pruthan yamà gajan
    Chàyà murtundha sambutan - Tannamàmi shanashawaram!

Sometimes such mantra with sounds of gods uses to invite gods. Saying these mantras or recall these mantras help to get attraction of relevent gods. These are called as inviting mantras. Those are called as Deva Aradana or Deva Namaskara gahthas. This mantras have first two or three sentences which described about power of gods, his duties then final sentence invites to come into flower sheets. People build flower sheets of chair for gods when they invite gods. This is called as Mal Asana. You can say such mantra after deve puja. Below have such inviting mantra for god of Sumana Saman who is protector god for Buddha's tooth relic & Samankuta mountain in Sri Lanka:

    Sri munindra pàdha padma sanràshshana dàran
    Sri samantha kuta vàsha sàsanópakaran
    Sri samantha deva raja swarna chàpa hàstan
    Sri viràja màna pushpa àsana pravishthan!

Buddhist Gathas And Parittas
Lord Buddha introduce Gathas (Poems) and Parittas (Truth Actions), which are considered as more powerful than any mantras. Cause those gathas have power of Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha. Parittas have truth actions which means from truth of virtue of Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha, wish to actions to occur such as blessings or remove some problems. We have experiences, also gods are told to us that Ratana sutta & Jalanandana paritta, can dispower any powerful mantras or problems of ghost or devils. We can remove our pains from chanting such kind of gatha in temple, under the Bodi tree and some Devalas. You can offer flowers, oil lamps & odors to Buddha in such place then concentrate your mind to virtue powers of Buddha in some time such as 15 minutes then you can say some gathas. Also you can say Karaniya Metta, Maha Mangala & Ratana, suttas in everyday in your room at early in the morning or before the sleep. It will bless to you, your family, house, can remove lot of sicknesses and can success all of your works. Below Buddhist gatha or Buddhist mantra, can be used to remove any problem in your life. It is said as all Buddha's gatha. For get more results you must say this gatha 108 times at morning 5am to 7am or 6pm to 8pm.
Sabbapàpassa akaranam - Kusalassa upasampadà
Sacittapariyodapanam - Etan Buddhànu sàsanan!

Other powerful Buddhist gathas are :
    Buddha worshiping gatha called as "Itipiso Bhagawan Arahan..." for own safeness & remove phobias
    Rathnamala Bandana gatha which have only god's sounds for family wealth & get gods attractions
    Kanda Paritta for remove problems of snakes and other painful animals
    Mora Paritta for own safeness from every enimies
    Wattaka Paritta for safe from fires or bombs
    Karaniya Metta sutta for remove evil troubles & make friendly with gods
    Maha Mangala sutta for success & wealth
    Ratana sutta for remove evil troubles, sicknesses and other environmental disasters
    Atawisi Paritta for all success, good health and family wealth, etc...
    Jala Nandana Paritta for cut down all type of negative effects which are created by Mantra Science
    Atanatiya Paritta for remove painful effects from ghosts, devils & other all type of evil powers
    Anathma Lakkana & Damsak Pawatum suttas for develop your wisdom
    Jaya paritta for every success, wealth, good health & every happy
Collyriums & Amulets
Collyriums uses in every countries. In western countries uses crystals while Sri Lanka uses oil lamp, water glass, herbal leaves, white flowers & candles. Collyriums means use physical objects for know anyone's real problem & root cause. In this case some mantra gewan into object then invite some ghost, devil or gods to show related problem via that object. Sometimes customer's lower mind connect with collyriums then get details. Then Astrologer or other person can seen all things lively via Collyriums. Every person cant see via Collyrium but this is art so need to develop mind for it. This is like divine eye. In Sri Lanka this is called as watch Anjanam. When use candle, lamp, crystal or glass, it is called light reading. This is the best way to cure our problems via Astrology.

We can enter power of mantras, gathas & parittas into physical objects such as threads, sands, water, some metals such as copper, ion, silver, etc... Those are called as Amulets (Yantras). For enter power of such mantra, firstly we must make amulet live for some time. This time can be two weeks to life long. This actions is called as make Gewam or make powerful. Gewan means chant that gathas or mantras in some times continually such as 108 times, 1000 times or 10,000 times. Before make amulet gewan, we need to clean whole room, put some odors into room such as Jasmine, worship to triple gem, get attraction of gods & make Amulet clean. For clean the amulet, we must gewan it with powerful mantras of free from dirty factors. But Buddhist mantras, gathas & parittas no need such clean. Cause power of triple gem, any dirty factors can remove. If we don't do clean the amulet, it power can be loss cause of funerals, dirty environments, alcohols, some meals, etc... After clean the amulet, we can make it gewan with particular mantras. So before you make amulets from Astrologers, you must ask to clean it for use any places without it's power loss. Some people wear Amulets & some are keep it on home. Amulets uses normally for get attractions of gods, attract wealth, remove sicknesses, cut down negative radiations of planets, etc... Popular Buddhist Amulet is Siwali Yantra which is used to get family wealth. From our experiences it is good keep metal amulets in home than wearing in body. Paritta treads can be wear in hand or around the neck. However we are recommend to you, more than use amulets, it is good use parittas threads which chanted by virtuous Buddhist monks or use Buddhist amulets.

You also can create simple but powerful Buddhist Amulet. For this you need sandalwood of 6cm long, 108 jasmine flowers, sandalwood oils and incense sticks. Here are steps :
    Offer jasmine flowers, burn incense sticks & light oil lamps for Lord Buddha in clean room. If you do this in your room you must clean your room. Also you need to stay away from eating meat, fish & eggs three days before do this puja. After that worship triple gem from related gathas.
    Then give merits to your ista devathas and other all gods & goddesses.
    Say Karanita Metta, Ratana & Mangala Suttas after that.
    Then little time like 10 minutes do some simple meditation.
    Take sandalwood into your hand, close to your mouth then say above all Buddha's gatha 108 times.
    After that keep that sandalwood near the jasmine flowers.
    Continually do this action 10 days.
    So now your sandalwood gewan into more than 1000 times, which can be used as powerful amulet.
    You can keep this your room, house and even your pocket for your protection.

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