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 Post subject: Heavy losses stun LTTE hierarchy
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 3:46 am 
Heavy losses stun LTTE hierarchy
Young Tamil cadres dying in hundreds in battle
Anti-aircraft missiles of LTTE: Is it a myth?

Though the Security Forces have blown up the casualty figures of the Tamil Tigers, the do-or-die battles waged so far by LTTE to capture Jaffna with disastrous consequences have contributed to the heavy losses of the LTTE causing widening gaps in manpower. LTTE planned and hoped for an easy and quick victory to impress the international community and the Tamil diaspora. The loss of Tiger cadres is causing dissension among the military leaders who are blaming each other. Besides, the success rate of the air force strikes has been an unexpected blow to the LTTE. Military analysts are speculating as to how long the Tamil Tigers could continue their offensives if it fails to score quick victories and consolidate their positions before they run short of men and military hardware to drag on Eelam War IV.


Sun, 2006-08-20 03:18
Source: Asiantribune.com / Sunday Times / Sunday Island

Colombo, 20 August: In the do-or-die battles waged so far to capture Jaffna the early recruits to the "Baby Brigades" of LTTE have been thrown into the frontlines with disastrous consequences, Analysts believe that their inexperience and immaturity have contributed to the heavy losses of the LTTE in the frontlines. Reports say that Prabhakaran is moving in Mulliyawalai in the Mullaitivu district avoiding any public engagements.

While the cadres are falling in the battle field causing widening gaps in manpower their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran has not been seen or heard since the Eelam War IV began.

The heavy losses have also stunned the Vanni hierarchy which had planned and hoped for an easy and quick victory to impress the international community and the Tamil diaspora. A quick victory would have also given them opportunity to dictate terms to the Sri Lankan government.


The loss of Tiger cadres, including some of the potential field officers, is causing dissension among the military leaders who are blaming each other. The absence of Col. Karuna, who has turned his guns on the Vanni Tigers, is also seen as a demoralizing factor. So far no military leader has emerged in the battlefield to match his skills.

News Website reports indicate that the reversals in the battlefield have caused some serious dissension among the Vanni leadership.

There is also speculation that a covert struggle is going on among the commanders in the naval and intelligence units to take over the overall command of all the forces.

Reports say that Prabhakaran is moving in Mulliyawalai in the Mullaitivu district avoiding any public engagements. Prabhakaran, who used to be a visitor to Sencholai camp for training recruits to his suicide squad, has not visited the place once since it was bombed by the Air Force.

Tamil sources monitoring developments in Vanni states that reports presented to him are carefully edited to present a rosy picture. In the meantime, Tamils have noted that there is massive drop in the funds collected by pro-LTTE agents in the Diaspora. Even the demonstrations held recently to support the Tamil Tigers have failed to drawn the usual crowds.

Though analysts concede that the forces of the Security Forces have blown up the casualty figures of the Tamil Tiger dead they believe that the half-baked youth drawn from the "Baby Brigades" had taken the brunt of the attack.

The Vanni high command which over-estimated their strength based on pass victories had not bargained for reversals they had faced in Kilali, Trincomalee, Mavil Aru and the naval bases. Besides, the success rate of the air force strikes has been an unexpected blow to the Tamil Tiger cadres thrown into the battlefield.

Military analysts are speculating as to how long the Tamil Tigers could continue their offensives if it fails to score quick victories and consolidate their positions before they run short of men and military hardware to drag on Eelam War IV.

Tamil Tigers who have been used to fairly easy victories in the past are now facing stiff resistance from a surprising source: the high morale of the Security Forces. Military sources say that inflicting heavy casualties to the Tiger cadres have boosted their morale further. "With each battle they are gaining confidence and sight of Tamil Tigers running has dispelled the myth of the power and the invincibility of the Tigers in their home territory," said a military source.

The guerrillas were using their newly acquired firepower during the ceasefire to the maximum. The thrust was on Muhamalai, the entry-exit point that divides the guerrilla-dominated Wanni from the Government controlled Jaffna peninsula. On Sunday they directed artillery and mortar fire there and along the defence lines at Kilaly (western side) and Nagerkovil (eastern side). The idea was to break through and attack security forces positions and installations inside.

But they failed despite a second week of attacks. Wave after wave of guerrilla cadres made forays. Security forces stood their ground. In the bitter gun battles large groups of guerrillas were killed.


Those who retreated found it difficult to take the bodies of their dead colleagues. The Army said 124 guerrillas were killed in the fighting on Sunday. However, the LTTE remained silent on these battles and played down its casualties. It is not possible to independently verify their casualties.

As the fighting raged on Sunday, security forces learnt through radio intercepts that LTTE leaders were trying hard to induct cadres from the East. One base was heard telling LTTE military leaders in Mullaitivu there was reluctance on the part of the youth to travel to the North. They were expected to go by sea.

Throughout the week the fighting near Muhamalai continued. To the credit of the officers and men in the area, they resisted it with counter fire. Hence, the guerrillas were unsuccessful in penetrating the peninsula. The troops fell back from the main defences at Muhamalai where the makeshift building of the entry-exit point was badly damaged. This was a tactical withdrawal and set in such a way as to draw the enemy into a wider area. Besides the day-to-day attacks, a major thrust also came on Thursday. In the heavy fighting at least 28 guerrillas were killed. Their bodies were transported to the mortuary of the Jaffna hospital. They are to be handed over to the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) On Friday troops embarked on an offensive to re-capture the original defence lines that existed after the ceasefire. They had advanced when guerrilla artillery and mortar fire began to rain on them. Troops successfully repulsed attempts by guerrillas to land on the sea front at Nagerkovil. Artillery and Mortar attacks forced the guerrillas to withdraw from there.

No missile scene puzzles military

The military top brass is puzzled as to why the LTTE did not fire anti-aircraft missiles during the over week-long battle across the army’s frontlines in the Jaffna peninsula. The military believed that the LTTE acquired anti-aircraft missiles during the Oslo-arranged ceasefire agreement.

The LTTE had previously used heat seeking missiles believed to be Russian built SAMS or US Stinger against aircraft with devastating success.

"If they brought down a fighter aircraft over Jaffna it would have a catastrophic impact on the defenders. A successful missile strike would have given the attackers the upper hand," a senior military official said. "That would have facilitated an LTTE siege on the peninsula and Jaffna islands."

The battle erupted on the evening of August 11 shortly after the SLAF targeted LTTE bases in the Batticaloa district. Ground forces repulsed a series of assaults on the frontlines with the help of heavy Kfir strikes on LTTE targets. The attack could not have been beaten back without air strikes, another official said. Kfirs operate from SLAF base at Katunayake.

Israeli-built Kfirs, a multi-role fighter in service with the SLAF since 1996 played a pivotal role in the counter attack. The aircraft has sophisticated equipment to maximize strike efficacy.

"If they had missiles, they would have used them against the Kfirs," a Tamil politician said. Speaking to The Sunday Island on the condition of anonymity, he expressed the belief that Tigers did not have missiles.

In fact ordinary cadres and the civilian population in the embattled region were led to believe that the LTTE acquired arms, ammunition and equipment over the past four years, he said. According to him a massive fund collection campaign was mounted in the West for what the Tamil Diaspora termed as the final war.

The Jaffna based Russian built helicopter gunships were also involved in recent operations. The military acknowledged that a loss of a Kfir or a helicopter gunship would have been disastrous, particularly as the MIG 27 ground attack aircraft are grounded pending servicing.

Army headquarters said that operations will continue in the Jaffna peninsula to prevent the LTTE from strengthening their forward positions. Friday’s air strikes were part of this strategy, a senior official said, adding that President Mahinda Rajapakse Thursday explained the government position to State Department official Steve Mann. In response to the US call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, Rajapakse is believed to have assured an end to counter attacks if the LTTE ceased offensives.

Meanwhile troops on duty at Kallikai, Jaffna Friday around midnight engaged an LTTE group, killing two. "We recovered their bodies along with a T-56 weapon with two magazines, one pistol with one magazine, one hand grenade, one radio set, one compass, two cyanide capsules and Rs 2,150.00 in cash," a spokesman said.

 Post subject: 300 LTTE cadres from East rushing to Vanni
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:39 am 
On an SOS 300 LTTE cadres from East rushing to Vanni

Saturday’s Kfir strikes on Pooneryn are believed to have disabled two long range weapons used by the LTTE deep in the Jaffna peninsula. The military earlier claimed that Kfirs and the artillery successfully targeted five long range weapons. Of them, four guns are believed to have been hit by Kfirs.

Mon, 2006-08-21 03:55
@ Asiantribune


Colombo, 21 August, (Asiantribune.com): On an SOS, cadres belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) from the Batticcaloa-Amparai districts are to be moved immediately to Vanni. Accordingly, 300 cadres have so far managed to reach the area under LTTE’s control in Trincomalee. They are expected to move soon in small groups crossing the Government controlled area into Mullaithievu.

Already the injured former Special Commander Colonel Bahnu is one in the LTTE group that is moving into Vanni.

Also Commander Ram and Commander Janarthan of the Jeyanthan Brigade from the Batticaloa- Amparai districts too are in the group waiting in Trincomalee to leave for Vanni.

It is learnt that at present Vanni leadership finds it very difficult to cope up with the Sri Lanka Army’s attacks in many fronts. Reports reveal that the rebel outfit has already lost more than 300 of its cadres in fierce military offensive with the Sri Lanka Army in the Jaffna theatre of war.

According to present command and control structure in the Vanni, the leadership is left only with two women commanders Colonel Vidhusha and Colonel Thurka and also the aging colonel Balaraj and Colonel Theepan.

Information reveals that Sri Lankan air force has so far bombed with pin prick precision LTTE targets in the Vanni as well as in the areas under its control in the Point Pedro East and hence it has been decided to move V.Prabakaran, LTTE leader to a safer location within Vanni.

Colonel Soosai who controls the Sea Tigers has so far not come up with any big victories to boast about in the numerous hostile engagements with the Sri Lanka Navy. Even in the latest military campaign at Kilaly, scores of Sea Tigers were killed and many speed boats sunk.

Though LTTE was involved in an exaggerated publicity campaign for the consumption of Tamils in Tamil Nadu as well as to the Sri Lankan Tamil Diasporas, but daily the ground situation is becoming more untenable to contain the preemptive strikes of the Sri Lanka Forces.

Under such precarious circumstances, it has been decided to call for additional war weary cadres from the East to continue the offensive with Sri Lanka Arrmy in a bid to capture back the Jaffna peninsula.

In the meantime according to a survey conducted by the "Asian Tribune" in March 2006, it was revealed that the total strength of the Tiger formation in the East from Verukal to Amparai is around 1391. This number includes the cadres in the military unit, auxiliary force such as Border Force, Administration, Finance, Political division, Police, Pistol Group, intelligence, Military intelligence, etc.

It is feared now that in case more than 300 cadres from the Batticalao – Amparai districts are pulled out, the available LTTE strength would not be in a position to defend itself successfully in case TamilEela Viduthalai Pulikal led by Colonel Karuna or Sri Lankan Army attacks, opening up two or three fronts in these districts.

- Asian Tribune -

 Post subject: Feared ? Who fears for the welfare of a committed terrorist
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 5:27 am 

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This article makes the assumption that the reading public fears for the safety of mass murderers, who have traumatized a nation for over two decades with impunity.

The reading public does not fear malice to these brutes, in fact it welcomes it. The fear that most Sri Lankans have today is that terrorism will eventually win and carve out a terrian within our borders which woul dmake Sri Lanka into another den of terrorist activity such as Afghanistan or Somalia.

 Post subject: More Photos
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 4:05 am 
More Photos:



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