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 Post subject: Eelam War IV - Northern Theater - Progress Report - Part 2
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:13 pm 
Eelam War IV - Northern Theater - Progress Report - Part 2

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To win the war with minimal casualties
Scores killed in clashes

Despite the depleted number of cadres, Tigers are offering stiff resistance to troops who advance on four fronts flanked by five offensive divisions. The LTTE’s casualty figures in the Wanni front are disproportionately high, claim military officials. Yet, the stiff resistance faced by advancing troops underscores that Tigers are not prepared to give in easily and are offering stiff resistance. Many of the casualties to the Sri Lankan army were due to IEDs (Improvised Explosives Devices), landmines and mortar attacks. Unlike in previous phases of Eelam War, the LTTE has also considerable artillery and mortar fire to stop advancing troops.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
LTTE fires at Thalladi Church, six soldiers killed, 14 injured

Six soldiers were killed and 14 others were injured when Tiger rebels attacked the Thallady military base in Mannar on Tuesday morning, prompting security forces to retaliate, the army said, adding the nearby St. Anthony's Church was also hit in the rebel shelling. Military announced it killed 13 rebels in an artillery attack Tuesday.

The attack came as the military announced 42 LTTE were killed in fighting across the north on Monday.

Ten soldiers were killed and 15 others were injured yesterday when the army overran 12 bunkers in LTTE's forward defence line in Welioya region. As troops charged the bunker line, a booby trap exploded triggering a series of secondary explosions of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). The blast killed one officer and nine soldiers and a further 15 were wounded.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Two soldiers killed by a roadside bomb

A claymore mine explosion at Taddankulam in Vavuniya killed two soldiers on Wednesday. In the mean time Special Task Force personnel found a large stock of military items left behind by the LTTE in Kanchikudiary in Ampara. Among them were four claymore mines each weighing 25 Kgs, three pressure mines each weighing 15 kgs, 99000 T-56 live ammo, 70 RPG bombs and eight motorcycles.

Soldiers killed eight tigers in fighting Wednesday along the front lines in Vavuniya region, the military said in a statement. In the nearby Mannar district, soldiers attacked rebel bunkers and killed seven fighters, while in the northeastern Welioya region, seven other tigers were killed, the military said.

Meanwhile, the Special Task Force in a search operation recovered a large haul of arms and ammunition from a weapon storage facility in Kanchikuddichiaru, including four Claymore Mines, three Land Mines, 99,000 T- 56 ammunition, 70 RPG Bombs , 75 RPG Charger, 17 Banglore Torpidos and 900 MPMG Ammunition and 259 Anti personnel Mines.

Troops from the 57 Division lying in ambush in Vilattikulam in east of Madhu on Wednesday engaged an LTTE troop movement in three coordinated ambushes. Tigers had retreated with their dead cadres and admitted over the radio that it had lost 3 'Lieutenant Colonels' from its elite Charles Anthony Regiment in this single attack including the LTTE's Mannar District 'Operations Commander' Lt. Col' Jeyakanthan.

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Air force strike LTTE ‘Radha’ base

Fighter jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force bombed a leading LTTE military base called “Radha Base” located on the Mullativu coastal belt yesterday morning causing extensive damage, Media Centre for National Security reported. The SLAF launched the attack, based on precise ground intelligence at approximately 10.30 a.m. at the base located in Teravilkulam, North East of Vishvamadukulam. The base known as 'Ratha Base' was home to the young regiment, which the Tiger Leader has grown to trust over Imran Pandian Regiment in recent months. Deployed almost entirely on Anti-Aircraft duties, the Ratha Regiment was added to the LTTE less than 4 years ago. The Unit usually moves around with Pripaharan with the hopes of acting as a deterrence against SLAF jet bombers. MI sources believe the base was housing a significantly large number of cadres and assets, including powerful AA Batteries and Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs) at the time of the attack. Exact damages caused is yet unclear.

Troops deployed at Muhamalai, advanced into the LTTE defences and destroyed one LTTE bunker. One soldier was killed and 3 suffered injuries in the incident. In the Wanni theatre, troops continued their onslaughts at LTTE positions located in the Vavuniya, Mannar and Welioya battlefronts within the course of the day killing 29 tigers and injuring at least 12 others. Two soldiers were killed and 13 others suffered injuries in these battles.

Friday, February 15, 2008
Air force bomb Sea Tiger base

Air force jets bombed a training base of Sea Tigers in the Nayaru area Friday, causing severe damage, the military said.

The regular air raids by the SLAF come in the wake of the acquisition of at least four F-7G fighter jets from the Peoples Republic of China. F-7G, the export version of the Chinese J-7G fighter jet, is equipped with a new KLJ-6E PD radar. The in-built air- to -air military radar of the F-7G would make F-7G a perfect option - equally affordable - for the midair interceptor role against the Zling aircraft of the nascent air Tigers. The F-7 (export version of J-7) is a Chinese fighter jet derived from the Russian Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG 21. It serves mostly as an interceptor in the air forces that operate it. The SLAF has F-7 fighter jets in its inventory since 1991.

 Post subject: LTTE strongholds in Mullaitivu are in danger
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:23 pm 
LTTE strongholds in Mullaitivu are in danger

In the Weli Oya front the troops are confronting the LTTE at eight locations and creating 10 kilo metres long front from Kokkuthuduval to Ethavetunuvewa with deployment of nine battalions along with the Special Forces troops. LTTE has realised the fact that their strongholds in Mullaitivu are in imminent danger at the hands of the Security Forces in this front. If troops advance another 10 kilo metres into LTTE territory from the Weli Oya front and reach the Kumulamunai area in the Mullaitivu district, all the military and logistic bases and gun positions of the LTTE will fall within the artillery range of the Security Forces. If the troops are able to advance another 15 Km Northwards from the Kumulamunai the LTTE is going to lose the control over the civilian population in Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi as they will tend to leave towards cleared areas.

February 16/17, 2008
Weekend battles kill 51

The defence ministry said 49 Tamil Tigers and two soldiers were killed in weekend battles.

According to defence ministry figures, at least 1,297 tigers have been killed by security forces so far this year. The military has put its own losses during the same period at 72 soldiers and police killed.

Monday, February 18, 2008
Army capture an LTTE bunker-line in Uylankulam

Troops from 58 Division led a three-pronged assault north-west of Giant Tank this morning. Soldiers were able to capture an LTTE bunker-line in Uylankulam and overrun another at Pallaikuli and Parappakandal. Six bodies of Tigers, mostly female, were recovered along with a few assault rifles at Parappakandal. 5 bodies were recovered from Uylankulam. Sri Lanka's army opened a ``multipronged offensive'' on LTTE defenses north of Mannar and seized 600 meters (2,000 feet) of bunkers the Defense Ministry said in a statement. Ground troops have claimed that 10 terrorists were killed and an equal number injured," the ministry said. "Also, two soldiers were killed and nine sustained injuries in the clashes."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
30 tigers and three soldiers killed

The MOD said at least 30 tigers and three Sri Lankan soldiers were killed on Tuesday in a series of engagements along the front line separating government and rebel forces in the north and northwest. "Troops continued to surge into LTTE territory towards Adampan junction in a fresh offensive launched at 6 a.m.," the Ministrybsaid in a statement on its Web site. Seven bodies of LTTE cadres were handed over to the ICRC by Security Forces in Vavuniya on Tuesday morning, Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said. The LTTE bodies were found in a search operation in the Giant Tank area

Wednesday, 20 February 2008
LTTE offensive failed, Three soldiers killed in Buttala

At least 67 Tamil Tigers and three soldiers were killed in fierce clashes on Wednesday, officials said on Thursday.

LTTE launched a pre dawn offensive north of Parappakandal, Mannar Wednesday. Heavy fighting erupted when SLA soldiers manning newly constructed defenses in the area resisted the LTTE advance. Fighting which started at 1.30 AM lasted till 5 AM. The two pronged LTTE operation, lead by two of LTTE's senior leaders Sornam and Laxshman, was halted dead on its tracks by the soldiers of the 57th division. According to intelligence sources more than 20 LTTE cadres have perished in this battle. Five soldiers sustained injuries in the confrontation, military sources said.

Separately, at least 13 rebels were killed in clashes in the west of Parapakandal and north of Pallaikuli in Mannar, the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said. Two soldiers also lost their lives in the confrontations, it said.

In Janakapura in northeastern Welioya, at least ten Tiger cadres were gunned down by troops, the army said, adding one soldier also died in the incident. In another incident, eight rebels were killed and three wounded in an attack by the security forces in the north of Villathikulam in Vavuniya yesterday, the army said.

Also, intense clashes between army and the rebels at Kallikulam in Vavuniya left six LTTE cadres dead yesterday, the Defence Ministry, said adding "the enemy transmissions confirmed their losses with several more militants either wounded or killed."

Three soldiers were killed on Wednesday in a LTTE attack at a picket point at Dambakote, Buttala, it said.

Thursday, 21 February 2008
Air force pounds two LTTE artillery positions

Air Force fighter jets bombed two artillery positions of LTTE terrorists located in the North of Mannar and Mulllaittivu areas this afternoon. According to the Air Force sources, the first air sortie was conducted around 12noon in the Mannar area while the second was conducted at 1.p.m in the Mulllaittivu area.

Naval personnel on patrol at Kerawalapitiya, Mahabage recovered a consignment of explosives weighing 20 kg on Thursday at around 10.15 p.m. According to Naval sources, the explosives were found hidden under sand, piled at a construction site along the Colombo-Katunayake new highway running across Kerawalapitiya. There were 20 packets each containing 1 kg of C-4 high explosives, the sources said. The troops also found 23 detonators and 2 belt orders, according to sources.

Friday, 22 February 2008
Air Force raid killed civillians - LTTE

The LTTE alleged on Friday that eight civilians, including three pre-school children, were killed and 10 were injured, four of them critically, when Sri Lanka bombed a coastal civilian settlement in the Kiranchi area in Poonahari in the Kilinochchi district. However, the Air Force said it bombed “carefully identified” LTTE targets.

In ground clashes, at least five Tigers were killed in Janakapura area in north-eastern Welioya on Friday, MCNS said. Separately at Adankulam in Welioya, troops killed four militants in a clash on Friday, it said, adding one soldier also lost his life in the confrontation. In another clash in the same area later in the day on Friday, troops killed four more militants.

Troops killed one LTTE fighter in Mullikulam in Mannar on Friday, the army said, adding it lost one security forces personnel. In intense clashes in Kallikulam in Northern Vavuniya, troops said they killed seven militants and injured three on Friday, according to the defence ministry.

Saturday, 23 February 2008
Bomb blast outside Sri Lanka capital injures 18

A parcel bomb planted by Tamil Tigers exploded on a bus in a Colombo suburb on Saturday, wounding at least 18 people. Casualties would have been far greater if an alert passenger had not spotted the booby-trapped package and shouted at people to get out of the vehicle, military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said. Ten men, seven women and a child were admitted to hospital after suffering minor injuries in the blast in Mount Lavinia, 10 kilometres south of Colombo. "The private bus was completely destroyed by fire from the explosion," the defence ministry said.

Sri Lankan Air force fighter jets pounded on a key LTTE military base 11 Km north east of Oddusudan today (23 February) at about 6.35 a.m. "Pilots have confirmed that the LTTE Military base has been accurately hit and the base is completely destroyed" MOD said.

The army recovered eight bodies of the LTTE cadres killed in the north of Welioya today, and they were later handed over to the Padaviya hospital. The bodies will be sent to the LTTE through the ICRC tomorrow.

 Post subject: Cadres of Imran Pandiyan Brigade deployed
 Post Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:27 am 
Cadres of Imran Pandiyan Brigade deployed in the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts
Over 20 LTTE bodies handed over to the LTTE
Tigers hard pressed with manpower

The LTTE is at its lowest ebb since the days of the IPKF, who had confined the LTTE to the jungles in Mullaitivu by the time they were unceremoniously asked to call off the mission, leaving an unfinished business in its southern backyard. Today, Tigers are hard pressed with manpower. According to recent pronouncements by the military top brass, the number of hardcore cadres of the LTTE could amount to 4500. According to the most generous assessments, the total number of the LTTE’s full time military cadre could not be in excess of 10,000. Equally important to note is that at least 40 per cent of the Tiger cadres are female; all female Tiger formations, Malathi and Sothiya Brigades, claim to be the bulk of the LTTE’s man power.

It has been over one month since the 59 division was deployed ahead of the FDL in Weli Oya. Troops fought pitch battles against defending Tigers as they pushed towards Nedunkerni on their march to Mullaitivu. Last week, the troops handed over 20 LTTE bodies through the ICRC to the LTTE. According to reports, cadres of the LTTE’s battle hardened Imran Pandiyan Brigade had been deployed alongside with the normal foot soldiers of the LTTE in order to face advancing troops in the Mannar and Weli Oya fronts. Troops of the 57 Division are moving towards Madhu; according to military sources, troops have positioned about two km from the Madhu shrine. It would be a matter of days before the premises of the Madhu shrine would come under the security forces. The other military division operating in the Mannar front, the 58 Division, is advancing towards Vedithalthivu, Troops are about 700 meters away from the Adampan town centre.

Monday, 25 February 2008
Top LTTE agent arrested in Colombo

Muttusamy Ilankoowan alias Sami, a top LTTE agent was arrested in Colombo on Monday while residing in a lodge in Wolvendhal Street in Pettah.

Thursday, 28 February 2008
Mechanized Infantry Brigade sprung into action

On Thursday, an hour after the sunset, troops of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade sprung into action. Main Battle Tanks carried out a surprise attack on the Forward Defence Line of the LTTE in Pallai and Killali. A military official quoted ground troops as saying that at least 12 Tigers were killed. He said six names of slain cadres were mentioned in the intercepted Tiger communication. Later in the night, ground troops attacked 34 bunkers of the LTTE, but surprisingly came across little resistance. A military official said the Tiger cadres retreated to the secondary Defence Line as the troops attacked the front line. Four LTTE cadres were killed, Four soldiers were also injured including one who was classified as a P 1 injury and three P 3 injuries.

On Thursday, the troops captured the sluice gates of the Giant Tank. The MCNS reported at least 20 LTTE cadres were killed and that the names of fourteen slain cadres were mentioned in the intercepted Tiger communications. MCNS also stated that about 10 LTTE cadres had been killed by Army snipers in the Mannar front on Thursday itself. These casualty figures could not be verified independently. Five soldiers were also injured, two of them critically, MCNS added.

Further, on Thursday, Kalpitiya police, acting upon information extracted from an LTTE suspect identified as Arumugam Kanapathi, recovered 8 kg of C4 explosives concealed in Narakkalliya. Later in the day, Police found 3 claymore mines, including one weighing 20 kg, 7 hand grenades and one remote control device in the same area.

Friday, 29 February 2008
LTTE cadre blew himself in Modara

In the morning of Friday, an LTTE cadre blew himself up inside a three storied house in Modera, killing himself and injuring seven others including four police personnel. The deceased Tiger cadre was alleged to be an LTTE expert in bomb making. He exploded a claymore mine to avoid arrest by the police. Police raided the house after a confession from an Tiger cadre who was arrested on the previous night which led to a cache of weapons including a suicide kit, a suicide belt, six claymore mines and four hand grenades being found in Mutuwal .

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